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Just a few days ago, we have introduced you to a new AR game called The Walking Dead: Our World, with the theme of zombie hunting in real life. And today, we bring another amazing new AR game named Yo-kai Watch World. Yo-kai Watch World is a new product of the publisher GungHoOnline. They have recently released the game in late June with the Japanese version. Yo-kai Watch World is an adventure game developed similarly to the Pokemon GO with the style of the virtual reality game. Let’s see what the Yo-kai Watch World has, whether it can bring success to GungHoOnline or not!

Yo kai Watch World 1

Yo-kai Watch World – New Japanese AR Game

The game content

Yo-kai Watch World was developed based on the style of Pokemon GO which has been famous for many years. It applies the virtual reality technology (AR) to the gameplay to give players a more realistic and enjoyable experience than other simple games. It means that players will be able to interact with characters in the game in real life, not as boring as the usual role-playing games. Players will use the device’s camera to interact with the outside world. The game Yo-kai Watch World will take the mysterious creatures in the legend of Japan to create the character system and players will have to collect them.

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Interesting gameplay

Yo-kai Watch World‘s gameplay is pretty simple, if you’ve ever played Pokemon GO, you can definitely get used to the Yo-kai Watch World. When you participate in the game, you will use your phone and go around to collect the monsters. Once you have them, you will grow, nurture them and take them to fight together. These monsters will appear everywhere to wait for its owner to collect, so you need to quickly find them and turn them into your own animals.

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These monsters can appear anywhere in your area, but not all of them can be acquired. In particular, the appearance of monsters is not limited to any location, you can travel all over the country to collect them. The game will also have some horror elements with mysterious ghosts, which are everywhere to frighten you. The ghosts often appear in the large trees. It’s unfortunate if you encounter them!

The battle between the monsters is quite fast because this is not an RPG or action game. So the victory depends on the development and arrangement of the player’s monsters. In addition to gathering the animals and bringing them together, you have to fight the terrible BOSS that appear everywhere.

Yo kai Watch World 4

Eye-catching graphics

The game Yo-kai Watch World is equipped with sharp 3D graphics, modern style to match the virtual reality, interact with the real world. Players will feel the image of the real monsters in real life, however, they are created with the extremely cute style that is totally not as horrible as the action game.

Download Yo-kai Watch World APK

It’s time for you to enjoy this new extremely attractive game called Yo-kai Watch. With the attractive gameplay trend of virtual reality technology, surely Yo-kai Watch World game will become a game phenomenon in the future. If you like Yo-kai Watch World, you can download it from the link below and experience it. Do not hesitate to download it now!

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