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  • Publisher: SEGA
  • Platforms: Android 4.4+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 90M
  • Latest Version: 1.7.0
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: April 25, 2019

Yakuza Online Mobile is the latest mobile game from SEGA Corporation, which was released in late November. This game is now available on both Google Play and App Store for Android and iOS devices for free. Accordingly, Yakuza Online Mobile is a mobile role-playing game based on the events of Kamurocho after Yakuza 6: The Song of Life. The main character of this game is Ichiban Kasuga, who was released after 17 years in prison. The Yakuza Online Mobile version was actually adapted from the Yakuza Online version on the PC released by SEGA in early 2018, but it has changed a lot in terms of gameplay. Let’s take a closer look at Yakuza Online Mobile to see what’s new and how to download it.

Yakuza Online Mobile 1

Yakuza Online Mobile – Mafia game in Japanese style

The content of the game

Yakuza Online Mobile is based on the Yakuza Online version of the PC that was released not long ago. However, the game only follows the content of the game, which means it does not have the same gameplay as the PC version. The game is still about the main character Ichiban Kasuga, a notorious mafia. Maybe you do not know the name Yakuza, this is a term often used to refer to the mafia or traditional criminal organizations in Japan. Today, the Yakuza is one of the largest criminal organizations in the world. And Yakuza Online Mobile has chosen this unique theme to develop a compelling strategy game.

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Tactical card gameplay

Yakuza Online Mobile is not a traditional role-playing game like the PC version, but rather a card game with turn-based with the highly tactical elements. Participating in the game, the player will collect the generic cards for each character. Yakuza Online Mobile’s character system is quite diverse, which has been taken from the PC version, along with many new characters have not appeared on the PC. Accordingly, each character will have its own characteristics with different skills that players should clearly understand this. And they are classified in different rare types, the rarer the card, the higher the level that the character will reach the maximum.

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Although Yakuza Online Mobile has a turn-based RPG, it’s quite different from other turn-based games. During the battle, the character cards that you had selected for battle will appear in front of you and start fighting the enemy. As characters begin to attack, their energy points start to increase. This energy point is used to launch the skills of the hero cards. Each of the generals will need an energy score to use different skills. In addition, the game also has hot girls like PC games can help players feel comfortable after the intense battle.

Impressive 3D graphics

Not only does the gameplay appeal, but Yakuza Online Mobile also has amazing graphics. Soon after launching, Yakuza Online Mobile has attracted many players thanks to the eye-catching images. It is a high-quality 3D graphics that SEGA has heavily invested in, which will give you an extremely sharp display quality. In terms of visual style and character formation, Yakuza Online Mobile is still the same as the PC version.

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Download Yakuza Online Mobile APK

Yakuza Online Mobile gives you an exciting experience with the Japanese mafia. This will be a great role-playing game for you! However, at present, Yakuza Online Mobile only has the Japanese version, so players will have difficulty with the language. Hopefully, SEGA will soon release the international version for players to experience the game easier. Below is the Yakuza Online Mobile download link for you (Japanese version only).

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