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Xiaomi Survival Game 1


  • Publisher: Xiaomi
  • Platforms: Android +
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 1GB
  • Latest Version: 1.0
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: January 18, 2019

Introducing Survival Game – Super survival product from Xiaomi

Battle Royale titles have so far attracted a lot of players, becoming a huge storm on every platform, from PC, Console to mobile platforms. The source for this series of games is the two cult titles PUBG and Fortnite. Then every other developer entered this survival game series, notably NetEase, with a series of new products on the survival game theme.

Xiaomi Survival Game 1

Not only NetEase but every other big or small developer wants to exploit this potential topic. This time, Xiaomi, a big Chinese company, also decided to start developing its own Battle Royale game called the Survival Game, which has a very similar idea to games of the same genre, popular now like PUBG. Currently Xiaomi Survival Game game is in the process of testing and has not been officially released on the app store, so you can only download games to try to play through Xiaomi Survival Game version APK below of us , link to download the game we will leave at the end of the article.

Xiaomi Survival Game 3

The play of survival is in vogue

Essentially, Xiaomi Survival Game will still be developed to have a fierce competitive play like other survival games today. The battle will start with a lot of players and their mission is to compete with each other, fighting to find the winner is the last survivor. Starting with each game, players will be dropped from a spaceship and have the right to decide the time and place of landing on the battlefield. You will have to search and collect items on the map, fight with their competitors at any time. The last survivor will be the winner!

Xiaomi Survival Game 2

In this vital game, you cannot be conceded, you must defeat every opponent to win. On the game mode, Xiaomi Survival Game will still have two main survival game modes are single player and team mode for you to choose, these are the two most popular game modes in the famous survival games today.

Not only is it invested in gameplay, Xiaomi also focuses on developing the image very carefully. You can easily see images in the game show extremely sharp and eye-catching. A famous brand in the world like Xiaomi, of course they will choose the best imaging technology to invest in their products. And a super product survival game with high quality 3D graphics has been created with the name Xiaomi Survival Game.

Xiaomi Survival Game 4

Download Xiaomi Survival Game APK

Survival Game optimized by Xiaomi on various levels, tested on different smartphones on the market today to ensure a smoother gaming experience than ever. Xiaomi’s forum post comes with a few screenshots of the game. Although not yet officially released, but currently Xiaomi Survival Game game is very much sought by players.

It’s hard to say whether Survival Game can compete with cult titles like PUBG or even Fortnite, but because it was developed by a brand like Xiaomi, promises to be a super product. Survival game in the future. Below will be the Xiaomi Survival Game APK game download link so you can play this game.

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