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Wizard Lord – The new best tactical game in July

After a long time of introduction, the developer Wish Interactive has opened the home page for a new mobile strategy game called Wizard Lord. There, players can sign up to experience the game in both iOS and Android platforms through the official game site and those who sign up will receive valuable gifts.

Wizard Lord 1

This Wizard Lord game was first introduced at the E3 2018 event and has attracted a lot of media attention. According to the developer’s introduction, Wizard Lord games are blended with the amazing action and strategy gameplay with the impressive 3D graphics. Therefore, Wizard Lord is promised to create the great attraction in the coming time.

Interesting tactical gameplay


Wizard Lord is set in a chaotic world where players will start their adventure from an inexperienced wizard. By summoning monsters to the battle with opponents, the player will gradually become a powerful magician and fulfill the goals in this world.

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As said, Wizard Lord has the action gameplay that requires many tactics. Accordingly, players will be able to play the fast-paced battles that require continuous decision-making, constructing a logical set of cards, and using spells at the right time to get the greatest advantage. Players can summon monsters, heroes and use magic cards to destroy the enemy’s main house to win in the real-time battles. The Challenging features will create the attraction to players.

Players will need to collect cards corresponding to different characters and select them to participate in the battle of the game. In order to win, the player must capture the strengths and weaknesses of the characters in the card, then building the proper tactics. The game features a variety of card systems with various characters, heroes, and monsters. Just collect as many cards as possible, and you will have more choices in each match.

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Impressive graphics

The Wizard Lord’s graphics are also very well designed, so it’s highly appreciated. Wizard Lord’s graphics background is powered by the Unity engine which has created many special effects and the nice looking animated designs. Especially the hero system, the monster in the game is quite eye-catching, the appearance of the character is a good impression for the player.

Download Wizard Lord APK

Here we can see that Wizard Lord is perfect in both gameplay and graphics, so it’s really a great game that totally worths a try during this time. The game has not been officially released yet but you can sign up for the Wizard Lord game via the link to the home page below. ApkMod will update the latest information about Wizard Lord.

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