Download Will It Crush? MOD APK V1.3.6 (Money/Levels) for Android

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  • Publisher: Voodoo
  • Platforms: Android 4.4+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 19M
  • Latest Version: 1.3.6
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: December 10, 2018

To say about the addictive entertainment game, surely people will immediately think about the famous name Voodoo, the leading game developer today with so many hit games like Fire Up!, Baseball Boy!, Car Merger,… It’s been a while since the producer released the game quite slowly, about a month for a new game. But in recent times, Voodoo has continuously released new entertainment games. People may think that the gameplay of Voodoo’s products are becoming more and more boring without any distinct because Voodoo has released too much game in a short time. However, when we take a look in the different part of the picture, their games still remain in the top of every app store. And now, Voodoo has recently released a new interesting game title called Will It Crush? which is promising to be a great success in the coming future.

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The game Will It Crush? was released by Voodoo in the late February and currently supports iOS devices via the AppStore, and perhaps the Android version will be released in the coming time. You may be too familiar with the gameplay of Voodoo’s product, right? They still create games with a very simple game but really interesting, even addictive for players.

Introducing Will It Crush? – Bricks crushing Machine

Addictive gameplay

It’s no surprise that Voodoo still has a simple, fun-to-play, none-story or character system game. That’s enough to attract players. In the game Will It Crush? you will only see two crushing machines with square stones. Your task in the game is quite simple, you just need to control the two crushing machines as the photo below to crush the white square stones into yellow stone. The crushing machines will have a circular centering wheel for steering and hardened outer gears with crushed white stones. The game will calculate the living score of the stone that you grind out and you just need to play to get the highest possible score.

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Method of control

In the previous Voodoo’s game titles, they were developed with the simple control mechanism and easy to get familiar with. But in this Will It Crush? game, it is even simpler than previous games. You just need to touch the machine to keep the machine running continuously and break the stones. This is a very simple game, but to get high scores is not the easy thing everyone can do. Because if you let the crusher run continuously when too many stones fall, the machine will be blocked and stopped, the game will end with the score. So you need to know what the machine stops and when to accelerate. Be cautious because the difficulty of the game will increase rapidly.

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Will It Crush? MOD V1.3.6

In terms of graphics, the game Will It Crush? has nothing special because it just have a common 2D graphics but quite diverse so that it still can easily get the attention of players. In addition, the game Will It Crush? There are still some other interesting features like:

  • Free game, no extra charge
  • New graphics, smoother experience
  • No need Internet connection, play anywhere
  • Share your high scores with friends via social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, …
  • Create many entertaining minutes

Overall, the game Will It Crush? still has a familiar style of Voodoo that is very simple but addictive. You can download the  Will It Crush? original version or Will It Crush? MOD APK to experience it from the link below.

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