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Wild Park Manager 1

Today the game that ApkMod wants to share with you is an extremely fun simulation game called Wild Park Manager. This game was released in late April by Kairosoft for two mobile platforms, Android and iOS, but it will cost $ 4.99. It’s not free as other games. Does $ 4.99 worth? Let’s take a look at what’s this Wild Park Manager and find out.

Wild Park Manager 1

Wild Park Manager- Park simulation game

Joining the Wild Park Manager, you can build your own wildlife park and manage it in your own way. You will bring the animals to the park and create accommodation for them. Gradually you can build a large and well-known animal park. This place will be an interesting place to attract thousands of visitors to visit. Are you able to do so?

Wild Park Manager 2

Construction of a wilderness park

Initially, you will have to build the main square of the park and then the playground, animal care area, food shop, and many other small works. You can design a park of your own size, detail, color, and even shape. You need the full range of new construction facilities that can make this big park. Gradually, the completed park will open to welcome the friendly guests. The unique point of this park is that it is not only for people but also a place to visit many kinds of animals such as scaly, hairy, … If these animals come to your park and they love this place, they are free to stay in your park.

Wild Park Manager 3

So you will be able to expand and diversify your park with many different animals without too much effort. However, in order to attract the visitors, you have to plant more trees, shrubs and other natural elements for the park. In addition to the guests you can invite, there will be curious creatures who always come to check your park.

Wild Park Manager 4

Upgrade the park

Not only do you have to build a large, diverse park, but you also have to continually upgrade your facilities through things like digging and looking for different materials. These materials can help you to upgrade the park but also create special items. You need to constantly add new plants and animals to create a diverse park that will attract visitors.

Simple graphics

Most simulation games are developed in a variety of fun and interesting ways, but the graphics will be simple graphics, not a realistic graphics like in the 3D games. Therefore, Wild Park Manager has a classic 2D-style graphics, but still gives players sharp visual quality. Overall the graphics are not a highlight of the Wild Park Manager game.


So now you can understand why Wild Park Manager costs $ 4.99 right? This is really a great simulation game that you should try out. However, many people do not want to spend that money to buy Wild Park Manager games, so we have the APK file below for you to freely experience this game. Here are the links to download the game Wild Park Manager, you can choose the appropriate version for your device.

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