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West Legend – MOBA 3v3 is a new attractive shooting role-playing game that has just been released in late September by Taihe Games publisher. In mid-August, the game West Legend – MOBA 3v3 was posted to Google Play for pre-registration and the number of registration was amazingly high. And now that the game has a full version, players can experience this attractive game. Before downloading the game, you can discover some of the most impressive features of West Legend – MOBA 3v3 through the below post of ApkMod.

West Legends 3V3 MOBA 1

Introducing new interesting shooting game: West Legend – MOBA 3v3

MOBA Combines with io gameplay

The game West Legend – MOBA 3v3 is highly appreciated with the role-playing game that combines the two genres io and MOBA. In terms of io, your character will have the option of upgrading after defeating enemies such as damage power, healing, etc. They will appear in form of a skill tree for you to freely choose to suit your character’s situation. As for the MOBA, in West Legend, you will control of various characters with different skills fighting each other in a small space until one side is completely defeated. The in-game battles will take place in the real-time 3v3 PvP.

West Legends 3V3 MOBA 2

Each character in the game has special skills, you can only use this skill when you exactly hit the opponent. These skills will require a recovering time and require you to recharge if you want to use them again. These special skills have great strength, but their weakness is time-consuming. The game currently has 15 heroes for the player to choose, each character will have different skills, strengths and weaknesses that players need to capture if they want to master the game.

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The controlling is quite simple. There will be a button to move in all directions and the shooting button which is integrated into the corner of the screen. In the game, you can communicate with your teammates to help each other build the right tactics. If necessary, the communication between players in the team will have certain advantageous and make it easier to win.


In terms of graphics, although being a shooting game, West Legend is designed with colorful and cute cartoon style, the characters are funny and humorous. Besides, the explosive effect is sharpened to exaggerate the severity of the battlefield. With the top-down view of the io as well as the MOBA gameplay, you can have a broader view.

West Legends 3V3 MOBA 3

Download West Legend – MOBA 3v3 APK

West Legend – MOBA 3v3 honestly brings a new feeling with the MOBA gameplay combined with the unique io. Moreover, the eye-catching cartoon style will attract players from the very beginning. To experience West Legend – MOBA 3v3, just click our link below!

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