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West Battle Royale 1

We are very well-known with the Western cowboy games that are both attractive in content and the gameplay. Today ApkMod will introduce you a game about the Western scene, but it is not a normal shooter game. It’s an extremely attractive survival game. This game is called West Battle Royale, which was released earlier this month by the publisher Gameover. The game has just been uploaded to the Google Play store for Android devices for totally free.

West Battle Royale 1

West Battle Royale – Wild West Context Game


As mentioned above, the game West Battle Royale is set in the western landscape with the familiar image of cowboys, where a lot of filmmakers and game developers has chosen for their products. Here, there will be a small town rising in the middle of the vast land. Players will be brought here, take the role of a cowboy and start a survival battle with the goal of becoming the winner after defeating all the opponents.

West Battle Royale 3

Interesting survival gameplay

About the gameplay, the game West Battle Royale also has the common style as other survival games when the goal of the player is to find every way to survive and defeat all enemies to be the only survivor of the war. Players will start to survive by finding the necessary items such as clothing, support tools and most importantly the weapons to be able to fight with enemies.

West Battle Royale 2

The game West Battle Royale has a diverse weapon system of daggers, pistols, rifles, … for players to choose according to suit different purposes. Each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages, which are suitable for different situations. That’s why players need to collect as many weapons as possible so that they can be easily selected when needed. What’s more, you must have a really good shooting skill to be able to win the game. Players can create their own survival style in this vast Western world, as long as they can win.

West Battle Royale 4

Unique graphics

At first glance, we will see the game West Battle Royale’s graphics are quite realistic and eye-catching. But actually, it was created with a strange style. The shape of objects, characters in the game in cubic-square style, with meticulous lines, players cannot recognize that things are made up from the cubes unless giving careful attention. Overall, the image of the game West Battle Royale is created with a unique animation style, which can help the game compete with other games of the same genre.

Download West Battle Royale APK

If you are too fed up with PUBG survival games, try the West Battle Royale right now! With the wonderful Western-style free and beloved westerns, you’ll surely get addicted to this game. Here are the download links for you to choose from, the original from Google Play and the West Battle Royale APK version.

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