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Waze isn’t an application for directions and navigation, it is like a social network that updates all current traffic conditions. Plus, it also assists you to get to your desired destination faster with efficient off-road navigation.

About Waze – GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation

In the trend of more and more positioning and navigation applications, Waze gives users a new experience with rich navigation utilities. This tool’s most outstanding feature is user community development. It makes this tool a real miniature social network where users can quickly share information with others. Besides, this tool also does not forget the main task is to provide users with the fastest route to get to their desired destination. The images and map interface are also eye-catching to help users observe everything on the map more easily. You are also allowed to provide additional location information for others to update at the same time.


Key features of Waze

Warning about traffic conditions

Every time you step out onto the street, what many people care about the most is whether the road you plan to take is stuck or not. Everything becomes easier when all warnings about current traffic conditions will be displayed for you to know and avoid. All information about your routes such as locations with police, locations that are congested due to accidents or other traffic problems will be fully updated. You need to select the content you are interested in about your route to be able to know specifically all the current conditions on the road. As a result, you can be more proactive in choosing the right route and go faster.

Estimated time of arrival

Not only does it help you visualize everything that’s happening on your chosen route, but it also projects your arrival time. Based on live traffic data, it will determine the estimated time of arrival. This data is calculated on many aspects, especially the current traffic situation, whether there is a traffic jam or not. As a result, you will proactively schedule your work based on your estimated travel time to arrive at your destination on time.

Outstanding user community

Waze’s most outstanding feature is to develop a user community, turning a locator app into a miniature social network. With constantly updated data from users, it is ready to provide you with the fastest information to ensure you find the most convenient route to your destination.

Besides, if you and your group of friends are on the same route to a certain place, you can add your friends to the group and follow each other. In addition, it allows you to meet and connect with other users who appear near that area. This tool also allows users to connect to Facebook (FB) and Google Calendar to find events and create directions more conveniently. This is a great way to increase travel convenience and keep up to date with the latest information for users.


Compare Waze with Google Map

You may be wondering what is the difference between these popular apps. Some of the differences you may notice while using this navigation tool are:

Location and directions

The driver is the main audience that this tool focuses entirely on. Meanwhile, Google map spreads more objects from cyclists, pedestrians, and public transit. You can find different ways of traveling with different travel times.

Connection data

Waze does not provide service if you are not connected to the internet while Google map provides an offline service to its customers so that they can get directions even without an internet connection.

Modern and minimalistic interface

If Google map has a basic traditional interface and is not eye-catching, it pleases users with a beautiful, minimalist interface with many customizations and 3D graphics. As a result, users find comfort and friendliness when they do not need to have too much experience in using.

Community connection

This app relies on data from its community for maximum user routing support. Everyone can connect and share about accident locations, traffic jams, hot places like a miniature social network for users to update news immediately.

Driving with Android Auto

For cars, you don’t need to use your phone constantly to find the way, you can use Waze on the car’s screen. It will automatically find the best routes for you to move. If you want to get directions without looking at the map, choose from one of the different voices from the list provided to guide you as you drive.  In addition, this navigation tool also provides AR navigation with high accuracy, so that you just need to enter the destination and listen to the directions to get there quickly. This is extremely convenient and helps you not to lose focus when looking at the map often.

Add local locations and find the cheapest gas station on your route

User data is the real thing to make the system data most complete. Therefore, user contribution is essential, it allows users to self-edit online maps, can update roads, landmarks, house numbers, etc. It will then provide real-time traffic updates. Besides, Finding a gas station along the way can be difficult because you don’t know the places along the way. So, based on the information it collects, it will assist you in determining the cheapest gas station nearby or along your route so that your vehicle can be refueled.


When you use Waze, you not only get information about directions but you can also get inspired to move more interestingly. Download the app now to enjoy safe and punctual trips.

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