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Updated November 18, 2021 (3 weeks ago)
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Wattpad is not merely a place where you can comfortably read books, short stories, and poems from all genres worldwide. It is also an online social networking site where users can write and share their work with readers.


The birth of books is associated with the formation and development of all aspects of society, including language, history, science and technology, literature… There are no clear statistics on the number of books ever published worldwide. But it is certainly an unimaginable number. The development of technology makes the shape of books also change. We approach a new concept, electronic books (ebooks). Instead of publishing books on paper, e-books are available on the Internet as a file that they have access to and read on a suitable book reader.

Traditional books need publishers and libraries to store, so do Ebooks. There have been online platforms born to publish and promote ebooks, Wattpad is one of them. Wattpad was first created in 2006. To this day, it remains one of the most popular platforms for sharing and reading free ebooks. Starting with the classic web version, Wattpad now has official mobile apps available. The developer is constantly improving the features on this platform to make it a paradise for those who love ebooks.

If you want to read books or stories free without limitation and you are a book lover, you can’t ignore this app. Wattpad is one of the most extensive reading and writing apps on the internet today. This is where users can share their articles, stories, thoughts, etc. with other readers. Once you install this app, you can easily read everything you love and join a big community of book lovers!

About Wattpad

Wattpad is a paradise for those who love books, short stories from a variety of sources. This platform often selects much good and quality works that many people love. These series are like many works in progress, where the authors publish their writings sequentially. And there are millions of people reading on the site and even a lot of content to read. You will never get bored or not find the right reading content. Besides, if you feel like you are talented enough and passionate about story writing, you can completely compose your own stories and post them for other users to enjoy. Plus, creating a collection for your favorite stories is also straightforward.

Get started

Wattpad is now available for popular platforms, including web, Android, and iOS. The reading experience is generally the same. In this article objective, we will focus on applications for its mobile platform, specifically Android.

First, you need an account to access the library. It is mandatory. Registration is very easy, just enter the necessary information in the registration form and then submit. Quick Facebook login option available. After completing the registration, you can already login and browse the stories. The first time you enter, there are some surveys that you need to complete. They are about your reading preferences. Be sure to choose honest answers because the app will then build on them to build a reading library that’s right for you.

Account on Wattpad is very important. It keeps your reading history, favorite stories, and other personal information on the platform. They can easily be synced when you sign in on a new device. The reading experience is always seamless.


What does this app feature?

If you want to read online for free and read famous books,  you are probably unfamiliar with these works for the first time Wattpad was discovered. Join the forum now so that the entertainment industry can find the next success and have the opportunity to follow the practices of this future with great potential. The Wattpad application allows you to enjoy free online stories from famous works to articles by individuals.

Huge collection of stories

With Wattpad, you can read a variety of stories online/offline from many different sources and multiple languages.

Yes, you can find thousands of exciting and content-filled works on its story forum. These works are written and translated into more than fifty different languages. These authors come from all over the world, so it is an opportunity to explore the diverse cultural resources. You can find all sorts of stories, including teen novels, romance, mystery, science fiction, action-adventure, comedy, fiction, or fan fiction.

Don’t just stop at the regular stories; you will have the opportunity to connect to cyberpunk fairytales, dramatic sci-fi series, LGBT works, and other inspirational stories. Besides, you can also read stories that used to be the original stories of the blockbuster movies. Do not forget to experience all the types of stories that it offers to have more new perspectives.

Plus, Wattpad allows you to read both online and offline versions. So, if you don’t have wifi or are on your way to school/commute by bus, you can download it to your favorites and read it.

Share your story

You have good stories, exciting thoughts, talk about life, feelings, and want to share with everyone. Let Wattpad help you get these messages across to a community of more than 70 million readers and authors worldwide. Even with this application, you can make money, get connection suggestions, join entertainment companies, and media around the world. Share and write your own stories

By submitting your account, you share your story on Wattpad and with our community, who will support you along the way. Do you think your work could be a blockbuster? Wattpad Studios exposes talented, hidden, and little-known writers on Wattpad and connects them with media and entertainment companies worldwide.


Read the original versions of the stories

You will enjoy excellent literary works in more than 50 languages ​​by many authors from around the world. You can read many things no matter which genre you like – romance, science fiction, mystery, comedy, action-adventure, fantasy, teen novel, or fan fiction – everything on Wattpad. 

Even if you’re looking for LGBT works, cyberpunk stories, or dramatic sci-fi sets to devour, you can find them and more on Wattpad. Poetry, love literature, science fiction, humor, action-adventure, youth novels, or fan fiction are available in the Wattpad app, even the originals. By downloading this application, you will be able to read all of the many stories available on Wattpad.

Build your free book library

In addition to reading online stories, users can save their favorite works/books in their library and take them anywhere to learn without being connected to the internet. Now create your library. You can easily save your favorite stories in a gallery to take with you wherever you go. Haven’t you finished reading a paper yet? Just sync your account and keep track of your reading, including on your computer, tablet, Kindle, or iPhone.

Creating an account is quick and easy.

Creating an account on Wattpad only takes a few minutes to update your information. Choose for you a username, avatar picture, and a little introduction about yourself. Creating an account makes it easy to archive the works you have read and helps you a lot in posting your favorite jobs. In case you are the author of a story, for your work to be known by many people, you need to add specific keywords.

Wattpad also allows you to add external links or update all the comments you like on the book’s content. If your fans want to know more about the publication, don’t forget to include links to pages that sell your products. Finally, since this is like a social networking site, you need to link multiple authors and readers to increase your credibility and influence.

Sync accounts across many different devices

Using the login account allows the application to sync data across many different devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, or even Kindle. This is a huge plus, being able to keep track of what you read unfinished without having to learn all over again. Signing up for an account will improve syncing and make your experience more enjoyable than ever.

Participate in writing contests

Besides building a friendly community on social networks for ebook lovers, Wattpad promotes its own growth with writing contests.

Just being a member of this platform, you can join. The winning entries in the contests will be placed in prominent positions in the rankings, where millions of other users see them every day. We’ve talked about the issue of copyright costs for stories published on Wattpad. Although it is difficult for you to receive royalties from the winning items, your product is promoted more widely. It opens up opportunities for success.

Connect with a community of story lovers

When you successfully sign up for an account at Wattpad, you are already one of the members of the community of story lovers worldwide. Besides enjoying a variety of stories, you can also link up with story lovers and other story authors to quickly update your favorite stories. Besides, while reading, you can also express your feelings by commenting directly on their stories. Each of your comments is your favorite expression or comments you’d like them to change. In order to connect with more people, you should share your library and invite other friends to enjoy your stories. Also, to keep your friends up to date with what you’re reading, start creating reading lists so you can share the fun together.

You can subscribe to receive notifications when they publish a new article. Another pretty good feature on Wattpad is to actively suggest works based on the usage habits of search habits and daily usage. You can access a lot of new content more quickly, but do an excellent job on the same subject.

Become a passionate story writer

Wattpad not only helps you to enjoy stories from many parts of the world, but it also illuminates your passion for story writing. This is the perfect place for anyone who has a passion for story writing. If you don’t know where to start and post their stories, seize your chance to become famous with stories discovered by your fans. You can compose any story in whatever genre you love without worrying about being banned.

Then you need to go to your account and select the post of your work. Wattpad will ask you a few questions about post permissions, and when you agree, you can all share your story right away. You can link with other authors or comment on other stories so more people will know your story. If you want to monetize your story, you need to be satisfactory and have some agreement with it to do that.

Wattpad Premium features

APK MOD of Wattpad

Premium version

If you are bothered with ads or don’t love the current theme, you can sign up for the premium plan. This is a paid package but what it offers is excellent. You have access to a collection of novels with a variety of unique stories. Some authors will ask you to pay to read their stories, and with a premium account, you can access their stories efficiently. Wattpad also allows you unlimited offline reading lists and will not need to watch the ad between story chapters. You can easily create as many reading lists as you like and for reading over time. This saves you time and has a great reading experience.

MOD Features

We bring you the latest Wattpad mod, below is the mod feature:

  • Read more for free: You don’t have to worry about those nasty ads getting in the way between chapters. Get an unlimited, uninterrupted reading experience.
  • Offline stories: You can enjoy all of your accounts wherever you go. No internet connection is required if you want to pay for offline access to all stories.
  • Get tons of bonuses: when you buy in-app coin packs: after all, premium stories aren’t cheap, and this (premium) is the best way to access them.
  • Theme colors: With the premium version, you also get a variety of colors for your themes. Personalize your reading experience with different color options.

And the good news for you is that you can download Mod Wattpad for free from our website.


Are the easy-to-use interfaces, daily updated featured titles, and favorite story lists amusing? Download Wattpad Premium now to your device and enjoy the colorful world of stories right away.

Download Wattpad 9.40.0 (MOD Premium Unlocked)

Download (14MB)


  • Tap the app name to show the download link.
  • Read our Installation Guide if you haven’t done this before.
  • Wattpad - Read & Write Stories requires Android 4.4 and up, 14MB of free memory.
  • We will not be held liable for any damages as a result of the download.
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