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Water Tracker - Water Reminder MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) 2.13

70% of you is water. We will remind you not to lose yourself

App NameWater Tracker - Water Reminder
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About Water Tracker

Water consumption is vital to survival, but do we get enough of it? Most individuals result from dehydration, which can lead to various health concerns. Most people forget to drink enough water. However, keeping your body hydrated can be difficult, particularly when you are active or moving. To solve this problem, the Water Tracker app can be used. This app will remind you to drink water at the appropriate times, which will help you keep the water balance in your body stable and lead to a healthier way of life overall.

Individualized Consumption of Water

Water Tracker is not your typical app to remind you to drink water. It serves as a personalized reminder to drink water and provides guidance on the amount of H2O you ought to consume daily according to your weight and gender. You may say goodbye to general water intake guidelines when you use this app and instead drink the amount of water specific to your body’s requirements.

A Comprehensive List of Drinks

The app allows you to add a wide variety of beverages in addition to water. Some examples include fruit juice, soup, smoothies, and many others. Because of this functionality, the app is perfect for users who wish to monitor their water use and overall fluid consumption. You can personalize your drink list and add preferred drinks to the app.

Smart Drink Reminder

The Water Tracker app includes an intelligent reminder to drink water that works according to your schedule. You can personalize the reminder and select times when the app will alert you to drink water or other beverages. You will never again need to worry about dehydration because this function will remind you to drink water appropriately throughout the day.

Statistics and a Daily Target That Can Be Adjusted

You may use the app to help you lose weight and measure your progress, and the program also has a statistics tool that provides this capability. The software will assist you in improving your H2O diet and losing weight according to a plan. You will be able to establish an adjustable daily target based on your level of physical activity and the weather.

Simple Recording and Units That Can Be Modified

When your water reminder tells you, you may use the rapid logging function of the app to record your beverage consumption with just one tap using a notice or a widget anytime it does so. The H2O tracker and hydration app allow you to pick between imperial (fl oz) and metric (ml) units, making it possible to tailor the program to your requirements and tastes.


The Water Tracker app takes care of your consumption and rewards you by allowing you to unlock levels and various achievements along the way. It will be much less complicated to achieve your hydration goals if you use this function, which gives the app a sense of playfulness and inspiration.

Advantages of Using the App

Because it caters to the requirements of its consumers, the app is a product of the modern era. No one may have considered the advantages of maintaining a consistent water intake. Still, the program will make it easier to recall those advantages clearly and concisely. The application offers individualized suggestions for how much water you should drink daily, depending on your weight and gender. It also allows you to precisely monitor your overall fluid consumption, not just water. Because the app notifies you to drink water or other liquids regularly at critical intervals, it is much simpler to maintain a healthy hydration level. In addition, the app offers reliable recommendations based on your current health status, as well as your weight and height. At the end of the plan, the application will present you with a statistics table that you can use to assess and summarize your activity.


Water Tracker is the most exceptional super product available today and is something everybody ought to own because of all the good it can do. Regular water consumption is one of the most important things we can do for our health, and the app makes it much simpler to stay hydrated. The app is a complete resource that can assist you in leading a better lifestyle. It provides individualized advice regarding your water consumption, a lengthy list of beverages, an intelligent drink reminder, statistics, configurable daily objectives, a quick recording feature, customizable units, and achievements. Don’t be hesitant; your body will be thankful if you download the Water Tracker app as soon as possible.

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