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Wasteland Zombie Survival 3


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  • Platforms: Android+ iOS 8.2+
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  • Latest Version: 1.1.2
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  • Date Updated: December 12, 2018

Nowadays, the survival game trend is becoming more and more popular with many variations all around the world. The theme of survival games is also much more diverse than the PUBG or Fortnite’s copies as in the beginning time of the trend. Recently, there is a tendency for survival games in the context of Zombie pandemics, with some featuring names such as The Day After TomorrowCritical Strike: Dead or SurvivalDeath Invasion: Survival… And the players also love this subject so much, cause it does not have the same gameplay as the famous game’s copies. Recently, there is another survival game with the Zombie pandemic theme called Wasteland Zombie Survival.

Wasteland Zombie Survival 1

Wasteland Zombie Survival APK is a new zombie survival game, released by Joyloft Co. Currently, the game is available only on the App Store free for iOS users, while the Android version will probably be released in a short time after. Before downloading the game, you can find out the special features and highlights of this game through our article below. At the bottom of the article, there will be a download link for you.

Wasteland Zombie Survival – A new survival game by Joyloft Co

Background of the game

About the background, most of the Zombie theme game titles are quite similar. Wasteland Zombie Survival will still open up a virtual world, which is in danger of extinction because zombies are raging everywhere. For unknown reasons, it could be a virus from mad scientists, poisoned by plants emitted to the environment, … Zombies have appeared everywhere destroying the human world. Only a few survivors still have a hope of destroying the zombies, rebuild the human world as before. Participating in the game, you will immersive into one of the last survivors to begin the vital journey with the hope of rescuing the whole world. You will have to fight with many other players to perform this noble task.

Wasteland Zombie Survival 3

Exquisite survival gameplay

Starting the journey of survival in the Wasteland Zombie Survival APK, you will have to collect materials to build yourself a shelter and contain the material before you are killed by the Zombie. You will have a companion dog, giving you a warm feeling, not being alone in this vital world. You will have to do a lot of small tasks, like living in the real world, such as finding clothes, looking for food to cook and eat … And more importantly is to collect the modern weapon to fight the bloodthirsty zombies. Your danger is not only from the bloodthirsty zombies but also the wildlife in the jungles, where you harvest wood and other places.

Wasteland Zombie Survival 2

You can easily collect the weapons, but you have to upgrade them if you want to make a more powerful damage to kill the zombies. In order to upgrade them, you have to manually create your own upgrades. Even the moving equipment which helps you explore the new lands must also be made by yourself from the materials you collect. You will have a radar to easily discover where you have never been to and gather the necessary information.

In this game, not only you, but there will be many other players who are also struggling in the fight with zombies. You need to pay attention: make friends with them to fight together or you are the enemy of them. They will attack you to occupy the weapons, supplies, and materials you have. So this is a war with a variety of dangers, including other players, and you’ll have to choose between friends or enemies. Note that when fighting, if you attack the animals, zombies from a far range, it will not have the big damage as attacking closely when they have discovered you.

Wasteland Zombie Survival 4

Live graphics

The game Wasteland Zombie Survival APK is equipped with modern graphics, with the extremely sharp 3D image. A world of zombies was built with sharp, true-to-life color in dark style, creating a mystery and horror for the game. With realistic 3D graphics, you will definitely be attracted to Wasteland Zombie Survival right from the first time. Many players highly appreciate the Wasteland Zombie Survival game thanks to its impressive graphics.

Download Wasteland Zombie Survival APK

Wasteland Zombie Survival possesses impressive 3D graphics and varied gameplay, which requires players to be more active and more authentic than other survival games. So Wasteland Zombie Survival will definitely be a popular game in the coming time. And here is the download link for you to choose your device.

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