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When I was a little boy, I often wished that when I grew up, I would become a great leader of a certain legion. We will fight together with strong enemies and defeat them. My army will conquer everything. And now, I can experience these through a smartphone game. That’s also the game I want to introduce to you today. This game is called War of Stick: Conquer Battle.

About War of Stick: Conquer Battle

War of Stick: Conquer Battle is a great stickman war game revolving around the battle for territory between kingdoms. This is an extremely attractive tactical action game on Android smartphones. Can you become a great leader and defeat all enemies?

Let’s discover more about War of Stick: Conquer Battle with APKmazon in the article below.

War of Stick Conquer Battle mod apk download

How to play

The game operation in War of Stick: Conquer Battle is quite simple. It is important to be tactical through each round. Each team will have a main house turret, the side that destroys the enemy’s main turret first will win. Your main house turret will be on the left side of the screen, while your opponent will be on the opposite side. To defeat the enemy, you will have to build a strong army and reasonable battle tactics.

In the lower-left corner of the screen are the icons of your soldiers. You can click on it to train and summon troops. Pay attention to your gold in the upper corner of the screen. If the amount of gold is too low or not enough, you will not be able to summon more manpower.

In the lower-right corner of the screen are the statuses of your army. There are 3 main states: Attack, defense, and retreat. Each status will have different combat effects.

  • Attack: All soldiers you summon will simultaneously attack the enemy. Miners are the only units not participating in the attack, they will stay at home and continue mining
  • Defense: This is the staging state. All your soldiers will stand in front of the main house turret to defend.
  • Withdraw: In the retreat state, your entire army will retreat behind the main house Turret to hide. At this point, you will have a single archer who is responsible for defending the main house turret.

Pause icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Here, you can also choose to return to the main screen or Restart. You can swipe on the screen to adjust the camera if you want to monitor the situation of the enemy’s army.

War of Stick_ Conquer Battle gameplay

Fight to infinity

In the game War of Stick: Conquer Battle, you will have to fight a lot of different opponents. They are pre-programmed AIs with increasing difficulty through levels. The levels in War of Stick: Conquer Battle have no limits. You will have to fight increasingly powerful opponents.

In the early levels, you will only fight with basic armies such as miners, Swordsmans, and archers. More powerful armies like Gladiators, Wizards, and Giants will be unlocked from level 4 onwards.

The ultimate strategy game

War of Stick: Conquer Battle is a tactical game. To win in this game, you must be a good leader. Every decision you make will affect the outcome of the match.

The tactical nature of War of Stick: Conquer Battle manifests itself in your smallest actions. The first is to build and distribute forces. Next is the state of attack or defense. Sometimes, you also have to accept retreat and hide to preserve the number of troops.

Timing in War of Stick: Conquer Battle is also important. If you find your army is stronger than your opponent, do not hesitate to attack them. Seizing the right opportunity will help you end the battle quickly.

Build your army

The enemies are more and more numerous and aggressive. To fight them, you will need to build a powerful army. The important thing is, that your army will need to counter the enemy. This is the time when you have to properly deploy your troops. Each army has different strengths and weaknesses. Which army to use is up to you. But try to keep an edge over your opponent.

For example, if the enemy mainly trains Swordsmans and gladiators, these are melee troops, they will close in to attack. So, to counter the enemy, use archers to attack from a distance before they can get close.

War of Stick Conquer Battle features

Tips to win War of Stick: Conquer Battle

War of Stick: Conquer Battle is a strategy game. Through each round, you will meet different opponents, from which the strategy also changes. But I have a trick that will help you get an early advantage over your enemies through each stage of the game.

First, you’ll need to optimize returns. Each team will have 4 mineral fields to exploit. In the early game, you should prioritize training as many miners as possible. Each mineral field can be exploited by up to 2 miners. Try to train miners early to optimize mineral extraction. From there, you will earn more gold to train soldiers to fight.

Next is the mid-game. This is where some minor skirmishes will break out. At this stage, you don’t need to focus too much on combat. Prioritize mining first. You just need to summon 2 archers along with a few Swordsmans and gladiators. They will be tasked with protecting the miners.

In the late game, when there is a lot of gold from mining, you can start building your army. Prioritize using as many vanguard troops as Swordsmans, gladiators, and giants. These troops will protect the archers and wizards – the long-range combat troops in the rear.

Upgrade your soldiers

The higher the level, the more you will see the difficulty of War of Stick: Conquer Battle increase. Partly because AI has become smarter in construction tactics. Over level, enemy pages also become much stronger. So to deal with strong opponents, you will need to upgrade your army.

I will guide you to upgrade your army. First, go back to the main page of the application. Here, you will see the “Upgrade” item located in the lower right corner of the screen. Please click that. At this point, you will see a representative of your soldiers appear. To upgrade them, tap on each soldier and select upgrade.

Upgrading your soldiers means equipping them with more advanced items. This will help you become the army, so much stronger. Here is the power your soldiers can get after each upgrade:

  • Miners: Increase mining speed and increase output each time of mining.
  • Swordsman: Increases damage and health
  • Archers: Increase damage
  • Gladiators: Increase damage and health
  • Wizard: Increases damage and area special.
  • Giants: Increase damage, increase health, increase movement speed

Play offline

You can play War of Stick: Conquer Battle without an internet connection. This is an offline game. This will allow you to play the game anywhere and anytime you want.

Graphics and sound

Although it is just a fighting game between stick people, War of Stick: Conquer Battle has quite beautiful 3D graphics. This helps simulate realistic and fierce battles. In addition, the weapon effects when upgraded are also very beautiful and unique.

War of Stick: Conquer Battle also features a thrilling and suspenseful soundtrack suitable for action and battle scenes. You can also feel the sound effects when the stickmen fight, the sound effects when the miners work and the sound effects when the wizards cast spells.

MOD APK of War of Stick: Conquer Battle

To defeat strong enemies, you will have to upgrade your army. In the MOD APK version of War of Stick: Conquer Battle, you will have a lot of upgrade points to increase the strength of your army.

 MOD information:

  • Unlimited upgrade points
  • Free download on APKmazon.com


War of Stick: Conquer Battle is a great tactical action game. During the game, you will be watching decisive battles between people in line. Coming to this game, you will experience the feeling of being the leader of an empire. Time here, you can download War of Stick: Conquer Battle by following the link below.

Download War of Stick: Conquer Battle MOD APK (Free Shopping) 1.5.4

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