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VSCO: Photo & Video Editor MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 345

App NameVSCO: Photo & Video Editor
Publisher VSCO
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
Get it onGoogle Play
  • VSCO subscription Unlocked
  • Login through other options – email

VSCO has been on the Editor’s choice list for many years from Google Play. It is one of the best photo editing apps on Android right now. This article will introduce you to this great application. Don’t forget to have the latest VSCO mod that allows you to enjoy all the benefits of Premium membership for free!


In a time when art becomes a part of our lives, freedom to create turns out to be one of the most important factors. When a mobile app for visual art appears, it must allow people to enjoy trends while boosting creativity. As we usually see, qualified apps are rare but surely become a hit. VSCO is one of those apps that we would like to recommend. Here, you will feel the vibes of time, trends, and modernity. However, there is no lack of space for creativity.

About VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

VSCO is not a new photo editor in Google Play or App Store. It has been here for ages and never lost its reputation to be one of the best editing apps. What makes this app so iconic? No matter how many new platforms are built for photos, VSCO remains its users and attracts more for updates.

VSCO lets users create an effective platform for personal use. It’s not just a space to edit the photos in any way you want but a personal gallery and storage for whatever you want to save.

VSCO reaches out to you with bigger and bigger resources. Upon the continuously changing trends, this platform assures you the latest filters and presets. Moreover, it connects you to the community sharing the same concern.

To know exactly what it offers, let’s scroll down for details below. Soon, you’ll know if you should try this platform for the next pictures.

VSCO Features

Special Features in VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

As an editing application, VSCO contains fundamental tools such as crop, grain, or blur. However, there is more to talk about when we come to special features. Let’s see what we are offered?

Free photo editors

When you haven’t yet been ready to pay for pro editors, let’s enjoy free services in VSCO first. We’re sure this free offer won’t let you down.

There are 17 tools in total for you to edit. Besides common functions such as Saturation, Exposure, and Contrast, you now can retouch more in detail using Skin tone, Vignette, or Split Tone. Because of White Balance and Skin tone offer, VSCO becomes a promising app for portrait pictures. The Grain effect here also imposes a vintage vibe that looks such an artistic layer.

You can easily find the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Once you tap on each of them, the scale bar appears which lets you adjust the level of application. Being in detail makes VSCO open to personal creativity rather than an instant retouching tool. As a result, users bring out different touches even though they use the same application.

Video presets 

Usually, we share the same taste in videos and images. If we use two separate apps for each of them, the color could hardly appear the same although sometimes, they share the same name on the app.

If you enjoy presets by VSCO and demand it on your videos, go ahead because VSCO provides a platform for both. Its strong suit is about image but the video maker works stunningly as well.

Here you will find trendy presets in different styles. One thing amazing about VSCO is that it doesn’t break the photo resolution through the retouching process. So does it with photo editing. Therefore, your final clip will look as high resolution as it was.

VSCO Montage

You might be experienced in photo editing but have you heard of Montage? It’s first introduced by VSCO in April 2020 and soon became a hit.

As you know, when IG and Facebook introduced Story as a new function, there came many new applications to help you produce an impressive story such as Instory or StoryArt.

Stay nowhere out of trends, VSCO published Montage as a premium tool in creating your own stories. Unlike other apps which produce layouts and accessories, Montage brings storytelling to the next level with creative visual art.

You can build a story with these video layouts. The app also lets users put on layers as much as they want on the blank canvas. You don’t know how to draw on canvas or make a video? You’ll change that opinion on yourself after spending time with Montage.

VSCO Community

VSCO has built not only a tool but a platform for those who enjoy life with visual art. Welcome to the artistic community right on this app!

It’s common sense that you will post your final products on Facebook or IG which imposes a bigger number of viewers. But, are you sure your viewers know what you are doing?

If you want real admirers and desire to have a look at more and more in the field, a community is necessary. Instead of following artists or pages on Facebook in the hope to see stunning works, you can do it right here.

VSCO platform is for every user who wants to share their work with others. The better is that if you find something really impressive here and want to learn, you know for sure that you can do it on VSCO.

Besides a community, the VSCO platform works like a mobile gallery. Artwork changes day by day so you always have more to look at and it could be as long as you want.

You will have your gallery. It’s like a social media account but only for pictures and videos, you’ve made. Next to sharing to other platforms, you can keep them here, showing them to people who care or wait for upgrades.

This gallery stores all pictures you like to put in, such as finished artwork or ones which are at the beginning or middle of the process. No one can access this view until your permit. Isn’t it cool, a mobile personal gallery?

Customized recipes

Many photo editors make you do it all over again if you want to edit something. Sometimes, editing is a pleasurable activity that can bring out the creativity in you. But what if you want the exact vibes and look of the previous image?

It’s not that you can build the same layers all the time because professional retouches are nothing like applying presets. But, VSCO can fix that issue.

You now can save your process into recipes. It’s like making your own presets and adjusting them in the way you like for the next picture. VSCO is the pioneer in doing this one even though a few more applications are letting you do so.

However, these recipes are unique on VSCO and you can share them with other users. It’s a way to spread your attitude!


You must have a long journey to see how VSCO is. Let’s wrap up this app with traditional categories like pros and cons. What the app can offer you the best and what you should be careful of.


  • Abundant and updated options
  • Stunning for both photos and videos
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable membership
  • The trial session before paying
  • Free service available
  • High-resolution outcome
  • Trendy and modern
  • Unique options
  • Active community for fans
  • Creativity booster
  • Very personal while opened


  • Not the best in video editing
  • No in-app purchase when you want a single item in membership
  • Running heavy
VSCO X Membership

About VSCO X Membership

It’s always a better offer when we are generous. The free VSCO service is amazing in comparison to many editing apps at the moment, but it could be better if you own the VSCO X membership. Let’s see how to register for it and what is special.

7 free days for trial membership

Understandably, you won’t spend the money right away without knowing what you’re getting back. VSCO developers are smart enough to give you 7 days to try the membership for free.

In these 7 days, you will be able to explore all privileges as a real member of VSCO. You can discontinue the membership at any time during your subscription. As we have to compare with other platforms, VSCO is charging a super soft price.

Annual subscription with pro benefits

After the trial, you should be ready for a long-term commitment with VSCO. This app is only available for annual membership, no longer or shorter option. But trust us, you are having an amazing time with pro-options here. For example:

Complete library of presets

Presets for photos and videos are now open to you with all it has. You cannot access these rich and growing resources. Whenever the app updates new options, you are also one of the first users to try.

Presets by VSCO are always well-selected and fixated. As a result, the first ones using it will surely make a reputation. Do you want to hit more likes and views?

Better video editing

Along with the extending of the preset collection, tools in making video are also open to you. You now can have all tools and accessories unlocked and enjoy the best platform on VSCO ever for clip retouches.

Weekly photo challenges

Not only a place to enjoy, but VSCO X membership also brings you challenges to help you improve. All members can join the competition every week with given themes.

Working with the creative VSCO, the prize is worth looking forward to. Besides, in weekly challenges, the best products are exposed to you so more to learn from.

Educational contents

Working on VSCO is not hard at all because all bars appear well-organized. However, professional products are not easy pieces. When you want to master editing skills, then tutorials are necessary.

When you are a member of VSCO X, there will be a lot to learn. All contents about instructions will be ready to view. Let’s start an art course on this app at a super reasonable price.

Some Alternatives

There are several apps out there that can minimize disadvantages by VSCO while offering you what you need. By the way, VSCO hasn’t got everything yet so you can look for other additional resources. Our recommendations are:



PREQUEL is more convenient than VSCO since it focuses on building large storage of presets. Here you will find the trendiest filters in almost all styles, from sweet sparkling effects to cool stone street style.

PREQUEL is great for anyone who likes extreme visual effects, both on photos and videos. Users can adjust the level of the application easily in the app, too. Enjoy the free service and explore more with a GOLD membership.

inshot app


InShot also shares the same focus as PREQUEL and VSCO – open space for creativity and styles. However, InShot is a much simpler app.

It contains stunning filters that allow you to express your style. However, it also helps with boosting creativity by letting you adjust small details like backdrop, colors, or borders. You know, perfection lies in details.

InShot works well on both videos and photos but its best suit is for the first. You can leave the app with amazing HD videos.

About VSCO MOD (VSCO X Unlocked)

Paying will be a pain if you are tight on budget. But we have good news for Android users – free membership for VSCO users using MOD apps.

You can have another version of VSCO, which works the same and has no smaller resources. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to pay.

VSCO MOD is a fixated version of the original app. It carries all the information but permits it to appear in Google Play. Therefore, you must download it from Google, on a platform like APKmazon.

Installing is as easy as downloading it from Google Play Store as long as you allow your phone to accept files from Unknown’s sources. When having the file, do the installation as you ever did with the computer.

Soon, you will find out the exact function of VSCO MOD which is not a bit different from the one on Google Play. Enjoy!


VSCO is a reputational platform for photos for this decade. It has survived through the years by keeping updating options for art lovers. Until the end of the day, what you need is a shortlist of the trendiest and most effective resources for art along with a space to create, not instant presets. Let’s enjoy VSCO as your art platform, as it’s made to be.

Download VSCO: Photo & Video Editor MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 345

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  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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