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VoxBox Audio Editor MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 7.1.1

VoxBox Audio Editor: The Ultimate Music Maker for Your Every Need.

App NameVoxBox Audio Editor
Publisher Audio Editing & Tools
Require8.0 and up
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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About VoxBox Audio Editor

VoxBox Audio Editor is the only music producer you need to consider if you need someone to manage your audio needs. This tool is an excellent alternative to well-known audio editings programs like FL Studio or Audacity since it offers a multiline audio editor and music editor experience.

VoxBox Audio Editor is a one-stop shop for all audio-related tasks thanks to its straightforward UI. This application may be used as a voice recorder, audio editor, music producer, or voice editor. Additionally, what’s the best part? These resources are all gathered in one place.

What sets VoxBox Audio Editor apart from its rivals then? Its key characteristics make it the ideal music maker for every situation.

Use the Multi-Track Audio Editor and Additional Tools to Express Yourself

One of VoxBox Audio Editor’s most breathtaking features is, without a doubt, the multi-track audio editor. Similar to Audacity or FL Studio, users of this tool may use it to merge audio from several sources into a single file. Thanks to the app’s user-friendly interface, users may combine several audio files into a single track or divide them into different ways to handle them separately. The possibilities are endless with the multi-track editor in VoxBox Audio Editor, and your creativity could help you perform better.

Make unique audio for particular ringtones.

VoxBox Audio Editor enables you to swiftly cut music into smaller pieces and select any particular segment to generate the necessary ringtones for contacts or incoming calls. The software provides easy-to-use capabilities that may be used to reduce audio. The music trimmer shows how many milliseconds must be removed for the best results. Using the magnifier, get closer to the sound source to create a clear audio cut and full audio editing capabilities.

For the Original and True Beats, add more beats.

A beat looper and your written music may be used to construct your drum pad in VoxBox Audio Editor. The music on your smartphone will play indefinitely or as long as the play button is down, and you may record your voice, music, or both. You may create a beatbox and loop the music by adjusting each parameter to achieve the best possible sound.

Multiple Track Audio Editor

Like Audacity or FL Studio, VoxBox Sounds Editor enables you to mix music by adding several tracks and sounds. You may blend songs or make music jams by merging many audios using an intuitive and visually appealing user interface. You may split audio files into separate files and autosave projects to ensure you keep your work.

Easily Operable Music Editor

VoxBox Audio Editor’s music editor is designed to be intuitive and effective. Audio can be easily edited, audio effects like pitch, tempo, vibrato, flanger, delay, and chorus, and audio cutter and music trimmer tools can be employed.

Sound Editing and Ringtone Production

You can cut audio using the straightforward and practical features of the VoxBox Audio Editor’s music cutter and trimmer. The zooming track allows for exact audio clipping, and the music trimmer will demonstrate the number of milliseconds you need for the best outcomes.

Drum Pad Customizer and Beat Looper

With your music and rhythms, audio from your device, or voice, you may create a drum pad with VoxBox Audio Editor. You may create an audio loop or play it while holding the button. You can adjust each control to get the best sound and beatbox and create loop beats. Additionally, the application offers ready-made drum pad packages for use while writing tunes.

Simple Voice Recording

A top-notch voice recorder is also included in VoxBox Audio Editor, enabling you to capture background conversation for mp3 or wav files, MONO or STEREO channels, and numerous sample rates.

Slideshows may be made by adding music to photos.

You may make a movie from a photo using the slideshow maker with the music function of the program, and you can also add text to the concept.

Conversion and Export of Audio

With VoxBox Audio Editor, you may export your projects and music as MP3, OGG, WAV, AAC, WMA, M4A, or MP4 video files. You can convert and combine video and audio files using the software’s built-in video-to-audio converter.

Sound Speed Modulator

You may vary the music tempo and audio in the software without changing the pitch (time stretch) or the music pitch changer. Additionally, VoxBox Audio Editor contains an audio volume fader and music volume booster that lets you lower the audiobook volume while increasing the music volume by up to five times. Use the fade-in and fade-out tools to enhance your audio’s sound quality.


You may alter various audio and musical bands using the equalization feature in VoxBox Audio Editor. A timeline for better results, autosaving for multiline music editor and mixer projects, a multitrack player (player with several audios), the ability to zoom in and out on the tracks with two fingers, and a bright and straightforward audio chooser are all included in the software.

The Best Music Maker: Why Is VoxBox Audio Editor the Best?

VoxBox Audio Editor is the ultimate music producer for all your needs. Thanks to its functionality, it differs from other audio editing software. The app’s multi-track audio editor and other tools let you use your imagination to combine audio from several sources into a single file, similar to Audacity or FL Studio. The app’s user-friendly interface and wide range of features make it simple to cut music, add audio effects, edit audio, and produce ringtones.

Additionally, you may create your drum pad and play music in a loop using the app’s custom drum pad and beat looper features, while the preset drum pad packages make it simple to create music. A simple voice recorder, a slideshow maker with music, a video-to-audio converter, a music volume booster, and an audio volume fader are all included in the package.


VoxBox Audio Editor is the software for you if you’re looking for an all-in-one music maker with a wide range of features. With its straightforward design and comprehensive capability, you can effortlessly express your thoughts and create music. VoxBox Audio Editor is the best music editor, so get it right away.

Download VoxBox Audio Editor MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 7.1.1

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