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Voodoo Detective MOD APK is an action role-playing game that will give you the feeling of being a private detective. You will have to solve the mysteries in this game. What’s more, Voodoo Detective will help you practice observation and logical thinking.

About Voodoo Detective

Voodoo Detective is an exciting action exploration game developed by Short Sleeve Studio. The game revolves around the story of a detective, Voodoo helping a girl Mary Fontule to find a piece of her lost memory. At the same time, he also discovered many exciting things. You will experience collecting clues, making deductions, and solving cases in this game. Voodoo Detective is a game that is appreciated for its logic, realistic gameplay, and vivid dialogue. Let’s discover more about this game with APKmazon in the article below.

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Voodoo Detective is a game about a talented private detective in New Ginen City. As a good detective, Voodoo has a lot of customers coming. Of course, their purpose is to hire this detective to do their work. Every day, Voodoo Detective travels around the city to discover and investigate cases. The game begins when Detective Voodoo receives a request for help from a girl named Mary Fontule. Unfortunately, Mary Fontule has amnesia, and she needs Voodoo to help her discover who she is. Being a kind man, the detective agreed to help Mary Fontule. Voodoo also found many other exciting and mysterious things in solving the case.


How to play Voodoo Detective is quite simple and easy to get used to. First, you need to click on the screen to control the character. The same goes for interacting with objects. Next, to interact with various objects, you can long-press and drag them. Also, if you want to collect items, you can double-tap on the screen to do this.

The game operation in Voodoo Detective is quite simple. But don’t think that this is an easy game. Being a detective requires an excellent mindset. Therefore, you will have to use your reasoning ability to overcome the tasks in many situations.

Besides, you can tap on the character itself in the game to get hints or identify the tasks you need to do at that time. In addition, you can choose the skip key in the corner of the screen to lose the action or dialogue quickly.

Role-play your detective

In this game, you will transform into a talented Voodoo detective. You can decide your attitude. Specifically, you can set a working alias for yourself or choose a working style. These operations will be set up from the beginning of the game.

What’s more, you can decide for yourself the questions that exploit the witnesses during the case. Specifically, you can choose from different types of questions to collect clues. Each question will give a new direction to solve the case for you to experience. With that, the tasks you need to do and the story of Voodoo Detective will also change.

Search and collect clues

Of course, a detective’s job is to find and collect clues to solve cases. First, to look for clues, you can move the character around the map to discover objects. Sometimes, what you need to discover will be the people Voodoo encounters. Besides, our detective guy will also need to collect evidence to solve the case. Therefore, try to collect the items on the map; they will come in handy.

In addition, Voodoo Detective has a personal notebook. Here, he records the evidence, clues, or puzzle pieces that he finds. This is intended to help Voodoo make inferences and solve cases.

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Meet new characters

In the game Voodoo Detective, there are many different characters. Of course, they were just NPCs. But these are also important characters that you can mine for clues. These characters will have their appearance, work, personality, etc. Therefore, if you want to collect a lot of evidence from them, you will have to communicate with these characters skillfully.

Besides, you can also interact with any character you want, whether they are involved in the case or not. You just need to go to the lever and click on the characters to start chatting.

Game sounds

In addition, when you play Voodoo Detective, you will feel like you are watching a detective movie. Short Sleeve Studio has focused on building very realistic and vivid character dialogues. Each character will have their dialogue and voiceover. What’s more, you will hear the voice of the narrator, Voodoo himself.

The characters in Voodoo Detective are voiced by famous actors. Maybe they will remind you of familiar feelings because these are also the voice actors for favorite movies like Fallout, Star Trek, and Avatar.


Voodoo Detective has a harmonious combination of 2D and 3D graphic design. They ensure a sharp and clear rendering of in-game details, especially with important clue items. Overall, they make the game feel real and attractive.

Besides, you can adjust the volume and graphics in the settings from the app’s main page. Specifically, you can customize the loudness of the dialogue or background music. In addition, you can customize the graphic levels from simple to more detailed depending on the smartphone’s configuration.

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Explore various storylines

Did you know that there are many different ways to solve a case in Voodoo Detective? – Yes, this difference comes from the different directions you choose to solve the case. Mainly they come from deciding the questions you will ask the witness. But if you want to explore many different ways of solving crimes, this is completely possible.

You can create up to three different save games to experience more specifically. Voodoo Detective will let you name those versions. Besides, the game will automatically save the progress each time you visit. Alternatively, if you want to choose between versions, you can select “Load Game” from the app’s main page.

MOD APK of Voodoo Detective

Voodoo Detective is now available on the Google Play platform. However, this is a paid game and is limited to some countries. You will have to pay about $15 to unlock it to own this game. But now, you can download Voodoo Detective MOD APK Unlocked at APKmazon. With this version, you can explore and fully experience the game without spending any money.

MOD Info:

  • Paid/ Patched/ All Unlocked
  • Free download on APKmazon


Voodoo Detective is an attractive and exciting detective simulation game on smartphones. I like this game because of its logic and realism. It not only requires sound reasoning and thinking ability, but Voodoo Detective also allows you to discover a lot of new things in the game. Can you become an excellent private detective and solve the mysteries in the game? – Please click on the link below to download and install Voodoo Detective MOD APK Unlocked completely for free at APKmazon.

Download Voodoo Detective MOD APK (Paid/ Unlocked) 0.0.32

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