Volzerk MOD APK (Mega Menu) 1.3.1

Monster Crossbreeding & Action RPG. Explore the world and raise legend monsters!

App NameVolzerk
Publisher COLOPL
MOD InfoMega Menu
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About this MOD

ㆍAttack Multiplier
ㆍGod Mode
ㆍDef Multiplier
ㆍCrit Dmg Multiplier
ㆍMove Speed x5
ㆍSP Gain multiplier per Attack

Note: Arm64 device only.


About Volzerk

Fort Lemuria is a magical island in the ocean, home to ancient ruins and strange monsters. Humanity formed the Research Commission to explore this unexplored land and its inhabitants. But the island’s peace was broken when Volzerk, the protector of Fort Lemuria, fought the fabled beast Magna in a fatal struggle that seemed to destroy them both.

The Rise of a New Heroine: Fina’s Search for a Family of Monsters

It’s been ten years since that devastating tragedy, and without Volzerk, the island’s Monsters are in grave danger of extinction. But a little girl named Fina offers a glimmer of hope. Fina, the lone eyewitness to Volzerk’s abduction, has a deep love for Monsters and a strong desire to be reunited with the lost protector. After being accepted into the Research Commission, Fina begins an extraordinary journey to locate mythical Monsters and ensure their survival.

Genuine Action: Exciting Fights and Clever Combinations

Volzerk presents a new take on the action RPG genre with its seamless integration of people and Monsters in thrilling combat. Players may create a wide cast of friends to unleash devastating powers and strategies and pair them with different Monsters. Players may overcome strong enemies and succeed in the face of ever-changing obstacles by using a variety of weapons kinds and intelligently switching characters during a fight.

Learn to Create Monstrous Beings and Realize Their Full Potential

Explore the depths of an in-depth monster breeding system that offers players many options. Each playable character has skills that can be taught to Monsters, allowing them to grow monsters suited to their play style. Two Monsters can have a genetically distinct child from both parents by mating them together. Players may create an unbeatable force capable of defeating the most difficult enemies by cultivating Monsters that match their specific strategy. Monster crossbreeding is an optional social feature that allows users further to explore the possibilities for monster customization and teamwork.

The Melodic Mastery of Yoko Kanno, Conjuring Enveloping Soundscapes

The game’s fascinating soundtrack, written by acclaimed musician Yoko Kanno, will captivate gamers. Kanno’s music enhances the action and immerses players more in the environment of Fort Lemuria, from tense battle themes to evocative pieces that capture the island’s mysticism.

Skillful Voice Actors: Breathing Life Into the Roles

Volzerk has a fantastic cast of voice actors that bring the game’s many characters to life. Voice actors like Kohei Amasaki, Sumire Uesaka, and much more help make the game’s characters come to life and add depth to the experience.

Reveal the Secret History, a Terrible Land Awaits

Players of this game are invited to explore a comprehensive and well-constructed environment. Players will discover a fascinating plot as they discover how the disappearance of Vorzak, the holy guardian dragon, has put ecosystems at risk and threatened the entire realm. In her journey to restore balance and reunite with Vorzak, Feena will be accompanied by a group of charming allies. She will meet amidst breathtaking landscapes, learn hidden mysteries, and face off against the forces of evil.

Find Surprising Charm: Travel Through a Vibrant World

Take in the breathtaking scenery of Volzerk’s vast universe—team up with Monsters to explore new environments and uncover hidden attractions. The game’s outstanding 3D visuals captivate the senses, bringing vivid settings and fascinating creatures to life. Every inch of the domain has been carefully crafted to capture and immerse players in a fantastic experience, from verdant woods and towering mountains to flowing waterfalls and ancient ruins.

Fight with Your True Friends: Together, We Can Do More

You and your loyal Monster should create an unbreakable friendship in this game. Players may unlock the full potential of these fantastic beasts by combining forces with them and using their unique skills. Infusing the Monsters with the abilities of the player characters improves their battle effectiveness and opens up new avenues for character development and strategic complexity. By putting in the time and effort required, players may construct the best possible Monster lineup that suits their play style and is ready to take on any obstacle that stands in their way.

Take Part in Exciting Events and Games: Nonstop Fun

Players may enjoy various exciting content on Volzerk, thanks to its many exciting events and activities. There’s always something new to discover and enjoy, whether engaging in substantial boss fights, joining vibrant tournaments, or setting out on daily tasks. Players are encouraged to work together and compete pleasantly through these events, which can provide substantial benefits. In addition to the social benefits of playing with others, the game’s multiplayer modes allow for forming special bonds between players.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild with a World of Monsters at Your Fingertips

Players are free to explore their imaginations and bring their Monsters to life with the help of Volzerk. Because of the game’s extensive breeding mechanism, players may try out various permutations to produce one-of-a-kind pets. Players may have children with unique skills by breeding Monsters of different types. The potential for either a mighty warrior or a nimble sidekick is limitless. This novel addition enriches the gameplay and motivates players to test new tactics and unearth previously unknown Monster synergies.

Challenge Yourself Before Engaging the Big Boss

In the game, gamers face thrilling boss fights that test their mettle. Each boss fight presents a new set of challenges, from massive monsters to crafty foes, and necessitates advanced preparation and strategy. Players must think on their feet as they harness the power of people, Monsters, and weapons to conquer these fearsome opponents. Players who show endurance and strategic prowess by prevailing in these epic fights are rewarded with an unrivaled sense of success and joy.

MOD APK version of Volzerk

MOD feature

Mega Menu


The excitement of monster breeding is combined with the thrill of intense fights in Volzerk, a role-playing action game with a rich and broad environment. The game provides an unmatched gaming experience with rich visuals, compelling music, and a cast of fascinating characters. The game guarantees an adventure packed with excitement, discovery, and unending fun as you explore the hidden stories of Fort Lemuria, engage in epic battles alongside trusted Monsters, and learn the mysteries of the great continent. Join us on this incredible adventure and see the Volzerk magic unfold before your own eyes! You hold the key to the survival of Monster Island and its inhabitants.

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