Vlogger Go Viral: Streamer Tuber Life Simulator

Vlogger Go Viral MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2.43.32

App NameVlogger Go Viral
Publisher Tapps Games
Require4.4 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Become the most famous streamer and YouTuber in the world with Vlogger Go Viral. The latest mod of the game is also available and free to download on APKmazon.

Introducing Vlogger go Viral: Streamer Tuber Life Simulator

Vlogger is a profession that had and are becoming more popular these days. There is something about hearing other people telling stories and opinions about things happening around their life very intriguing that makes us want to keep watching. Realizing this trend, game developer “Tapps Technologia da Informacao Ltda”, also known as a more familiar name, Tapps, has published Vlogger go Viral: Streamer Tuber Life Simulator in the last year. The game’s name said it all: You will live the life of a Vlogger and produce as many viral videos as possible. Vlogger Go Viral quickly gains popularity and becomes, viral. Let’s find out more about this interesting game in the article below, shall we?

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Game developer Tapps is famous for making idle clicking games such as Epic Party Clicker, Shark Evolution, etc. This time, in Vlogger go Viral, Tapps gives you the opportunity to become a video blogger – or vlogger – having a dream of becoming viral. It all starts in your bedroom, according to the Seelie helper that you will meet upon first joining the game. Then, by following the trends of the follower’s community, you can choose one appropriate between a bunch of categories and topics for your videos that will make them go viral. Keep going on the right path, and you will be able to climb the wall of fame, gain more and more followers and huge fans, then go viral!

How to play

So, what exactly you will do in this game?

Going famous in real life is quite a hard task to accomplish, if not daunting. However, in Vlogger go Viral, things are a bit easier for you. By clicking the “Start” button, you can choose one of the 12 different topics that you will use to make a video about. After that, your character in-game will automatically produce the video in three steps: Researching, Filming, and Editing. The whole process will take 1 hour to finish, and then you will be able to publish the video to the community. However, this is not only an idle game, but also a tapping game, so where is the “tapping” part? As the character is in the process of making a video, you can tap the screen constantly to reduce the time it takes for him to finish it. With your help, the final product will be published in no time.

After you publish a video, you can see the result of it immediately. You will earn more view coins and subscribers according to the trendiness of your video. As you reach a certain number of subscribers, the Wall of Fame will reward you with a corresponding Play Button made of bronze, silver, gold, diamond, etc. If your video goes viral, you can also earn viral points, which will help you to climb higher in the rank of the Vloggers.

Tapping faster is the key!

Sometimes, as you are clicking crazily on the screen, you will notice a flying coffee mug floating around. Collect it and your clicking power will be strengthen for a short amount of time. Normally, each tap on the screen will reduce 1 second from the remaining time. But having the coffee will increase it to 2 or 3 seconds, making it way more efficient to help the character making his videos.

Although tapping is the soul of the game, it can’t be denied that sometimes it gets a little bit boring, and you just want to publish the video already. Well, with the help of a vlogging crew, this is just a piece of cake. Every time your character is making a video, you can see a button at the bottom of the screen that writes “Hurry Production”. You can spend 6 diamonds on this, and your video will be ready to be serve!

Vlogger Go Viral-features

Reading viewers’s comments

Everyone knows that comments are indispensable for every vlogger, even in Vlogger go Viral. After publishing a video, you can read the comments by clicking the computer with a play button icon. Of course, apart from the nice and wholesome comments that deserve a like, there will be hate and spam comments that need to be blocked. By doing so correctly, you can get bonus coins that can later be used to upgrade stuff.

You can also find out a trending topic by reading the comments. Some of them will contain a hashtag at the end that suggests the next topic you should do. Simply pick a topic that is mentioned the most and your next video will easily go viral.

Upgrade your gears, upward the viewers

Coins can be earned idly, after publishing a video or categorizing the comments. You can use them to upgrade your gears in the shop. By doing so, your income will be increased, and also the subscribers, make a path to your viral destination.

MOD APK of Vlogger Go Viral

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money: You can use unlimited money in the game.


Vlogger Go Viral, with no doubt, is a successful game from Tapps. With simple but intriguing and addicting gameplay, you surely will find yourself spending hours with it. What are you waiting for without downloading and trying it out now!

Download Vlogger Go Viral MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2.43.32

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