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VLC Mobile Remote MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 2.9.95

VLC Mobile Remote MOD APK grants you the authority to operate VLC Media Player on your desktop or laptop, allowing you to explore, play your computer files, and even YouTube videos.

App NameVLC Mobile Remote
Publisher Adarsh Urs
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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Introducing VLC Mobile Remote

Behold the unrivaled VLC Mobile Remote – the quintessential VLC Remote now evolves into an all-encompassing PC Remote & Mac Remote.

Are you fumbling in obscurity for elusive keyboard shortcuts during a cinematic experience or dashing towards your computer amidst a steamy rendezvous to switch tracks? Say goodbye to such tribulations!

Welcome the most compatible, avant-garde, and user-centric accomplice of VLC media player – the VLC Mobile Remote for Android. This VLC Remote emerges as the paramount method of managing VLC Player from your smartphones and tablets. Abandon the tiresome couch-to-computer exercise. Whether you indulge in movies and videos offline or online on your computers, VLC Remote bestows you the magnificent capability to govern VLC Media Player from any locale – your kitchen or your verdant lawn.

Simply install the app, recline, unwind, and remotely govern VLC Player, Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime from the coziness of your couch.

The remote functions harmoniously with VLC running on Windows, Mac OS, or Linux-based desktops and laptops.

A Sublime Regulating Device

Perceived as a paramount remote control application, the VLC Mobile Remote facilitates swift and effortless modifications to files on your computer and videos in your device’s memory. With this versatile application, the necessity for supplementary software installation dissipates. This remote possesses all the indispensable attributes you require.

It Boasts An Adaptable Play, Pause Functionality

Experience the liberty to halt, initiate or intermit your videos. Additionally, tweak the audio to your preference, ensuring a melodious experience that captivates everyone. Delve into more features, such as loop repetitions or selecting an optimal aspect ratio tailored to your satisfaction. Furthermore, a plethora of novel functionalities awaits exploration.

Assiduous Management Of Subtitles And Playback Velocity

For videos or images accompanied by explanatory subtitles, employ this application for meticulous editing and management. Subtitles predominantly serve as captions or narrate events depicted in images and videos, enabling effortless comprehension for viewers. Moreover, this app empowers you to decelerate playback speed, accentuating image details for the audience.

Preserve Beloved Directories

Cherish specific files or content? Safeguard them in your favorites for expeditious retrieval during future endeavors. Additionally, secure them on server addresses for optimal data retention.

In Summary

VLC Mobile Remote emerges as the preeminent and highly functional remote control application in today’s market. This app enables comprehensive management of your PC & Mac devices. No longer will you need to grope for shortcuts in darkness, thanks to this ingenious application. A user-friendly solution, it empowers you to control VLC Player via your mobile phone or tablet with unprecedented efficiency.

Download VLC Mobile Remote MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 2.9.95

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