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Require5.0 and up
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When it comes to video editors, people usually cannot stay calm. Since there is a lot more besides blending and filters than with images, videos ask for professional tools. Therefore, we offer you one of the easy apps to start a quality time with your clips – VivaCut PRO.

This app is new among many of the categories, but it offers incredible changes to your videos. This article will clarify if you should try it and even commit to its paid subscription. 

VivaCut MOD APK Download

About VivaCut – Pro Video Editor

VivaCut was a young mobile application when the wave of video editors started. However, by professional offers, it has gradually gained specific credit in trusted app stores like Apple Store or Google Play.

While most apps serving the same purpose focus on building up filters, effects, and stickers library, it pointed to studio tools like Chrome Key, Glitch, and dramatic effects. Hence, it attracts a large number of young artists who like creating and unique vibes.

VivaCut gained more than 10 million downloads on Google Play Store. Considering that it’s a paid application, that number proves the reliability and potential. The app also promotes minimalist styles when all sections are placed in groups. Even if you are a beginner. You should be encountering no difficulties finding what to do. Or else, there are tutorial videos for everything you could work on this platform.

Let’s not talk proofless no more. The next section will open the curtain and show you all features of this app. VivaCut welcomes anyone who wants to try its cabinet for free before deciding to pay for extensive accessories.

Special Features in VivaCut

As one of Google Play’s favorite apps, VivaCut opens a gate to professional tools that promise Hollywood-standard moving pictures. Let’s open your eyes!

If you don’t know about Chroma Key yet, this app will be a spark. Chroma Key is a studio effect that allows users to replace the same color spots with another image. It’s a favorite technique in creating fantasy movies.

VivaCut Chroma key

If you have heard about this feature, you should’ve known how special it is. It is a professional asset that you must obtain support from an expertise studio or computer program. Not talking about the resources, the application process also means another challenge.

You can find a separate app for Chroma Key. But, will you need that when you can have it included here?

Chroma Key in VivaCut comes with a reputable background resource. Items are customizable and flexible to adjust upon personal styles. They are great to help you merge videos and make your flows.

Glitch and so many other effects

Recently, glitch has become one of my favorite video effects thanks to its dramatic and artistic vibe. Even though you can find it in most professional video editors now, you can try its stunning quality in VivaCut.

As one of the trendy producers, VivaCut ươn’t ignore the development of glitch. With only this effect, you can choose among multiple options. The glitch here has been extended to versions 2 and 3 with more color tones.

This app brought to users not only different types of famous glitches but so many other dramatic effects. If you want VFX, Glass, or VHS, they are available here with various modifications.

VivaCut Glitch features

By exploiting filters in this app, you already prevailed, considering trendiness and creativity. Besides, there are more to make you download this app.

Animation for framed scenes

A considerate video editor must allow you to edit scene by scene. No matter how long the video is, it’s more vivid with animation. It’s like speaking of the vibe.

The animation is a great touch when you make clips from non moving images. VivaCut will support you at its best by easy manipulation. You can pinch the clip and frame the scene in 0.1s length so that your application could be exact. By simple actions, you are good to be a professional video editor.

These animations are various to display multiple effects. You must download items or effects when applying so that your app won’t overload your device. As you see, it’s a smart solution for VivaCut to operate smoothly on an average mobile device while offering a significant number of choices.

Video blending

There could be an end to create with a single clip even when the app lets you merge related content. However, your visual sense will be much better if you try video blending. We mean it in two ways.

You can edit and display multiple videos together using this app. It’s not simple merging flow but side by side streaming. It’s like you split the screen and show different content. The better is that users are going to edit these videos separately.

It’s not hard to find an app that lets you merge scenes from 2 videos. However, it’s pretty much a chance that these two must share a single effect.

With VivaCut, everything impossible before turns out to be possible in a staggeringly easy way. It’s up to you to add stickers, animations, effects, filters, texts, or other retouches.

Next, you can blend images. It would help if you watched artistic audio streaming on YouTube where people complicate visual structure from images and a video. What you used to see only on images now appear on the video. Indeed, it will be very much a step to up-level your clips, and VivaCut is offering you a good deal.


Behind the scene of video editing are layers of retouches. We should all admit that working on a clip is much harder than on pictures since moving and conveying messages. It’s not easy to impress viewers longer than 3 seconds unless you display compelling content.

VivaCut video layer features

VivaCut offers multiple layers to work on. Therefore, it allows layers to adjust. You can reorder effects, especially words and stickers on the video until it presents your idea. Besides, layering filters are essential in making differences.

Video masking

Not only side-by-side streaming, but VivaCut could do even better jobs. You can blend a short video on a framed spot of the longer one. Masking will look like a magic effect that your video looks outstanding.

Video masking is used to be more popular with fiction movies. However, you can enjoy and practice making them now with a free application, with no need for an expensive studio.

Fundamental video editing for necessary retouches

No matter how brilliant it is with offers, necessary retouches are vital to every video editor. No thoughtful artist could miss trimming, splitting, and exposure adjustment before heading to templates as details make perfection.

Knowing this fact, this app offers you a complete tool kit to finish the core work. You can adjust tones, length, and ratios using integrated tools. Next, you can go to the library and pick materials you like when details are fixated.


What can you insert in a clip? There must be soundtracks, besides texts and stickers. Luckily, VivaCut possesses an extensive collection.

Regarding soundtracks, you have got a list of hits from the online library. The system usually presents the most viewed tracks, but you can search by name. There is no big deal when you find nothing perfect from the app library. Section “device” welcomes you to upload tracks from your phones. The uploading section implies that what you can insert in the video includes recording and unique soundtracks.

Stickers and texts vary from style to style. You can browse along with drama, romance, artistic, active, or trendy, and we hope you are soon finding appropriate options.


About VivaCut Pro

It’s not the end of resources when you are using them for free. There are so many exclusive options waiting for you in the Pro subscription.

The first benefit must be extensive resources opened to you when others are stuck with the original. You can have some single items purchased in the app.

Since you can access paid items and enjoy even more enormous space, you should get it. Here is a shortlist of benefits.

Annual subscription

  • Annual subscription with a 3-day free trial for:
  • 4K/1080p graphic quality
  • More pro blending and transition effects
  • Extensive filters and Pro VFX
  • No watermark on exported items
  • Unlimited length of using time
  • Curve adjustor
  • No ads

Monthly subscription

  • All above without trial

The annual package will undoubtedly be a more economical option, only after you know what you want. If you haven’t felt confident with the app, the first monthly pro subscription seems to be a safe move.

Let’s look at the artistic aspect. Free subscription means everyone could get hands-on assets. Unless you are extraordinarily sensitive with creativity, you must work hard to gain a reputation. A paid subscription means a better chance to develop. First, you can access options that only some people know of. Then you make use of it before anyone takes your example.

Indeed, investment is the first step to do business, and your talent is a vital next step. Let’s consider this app carefully because of staggering offers.


VivaCut is among the time of home artists. Since people’s demand for visual art increases, mobile apps of the same kind are climbing. VivaCut updates and develops day by day to be better and better. However, next to its good jobs are some minus.


  • Tutorial videos for specific features like editing, QR code sharing, advanced tools, and template show
  • Free trial
  • Free option
  • Multiple templates in different styles represented in different groups: Tik Tok, New updates, VIP, or in themes
  • Easy start
  • Abundant online stickers, memes, images, and overlays
  • Simple organization so that users can learn by doing easily
  • Various soundtracks options, plus personal library uploads
  • Handy with all necessary editing tools
  • Purchases on single items
  • Trendy and sensitive to the situation. It has published Tik Tok effects to supply people in the race to be hot TikTokers. For sure, it should be a noticeable feature at the time being.


  • Watermark on the free version
  • More expensive than most video editors

Some good alternatives

Besides VivaCut, you can consider some other video editors. Everyone has their tastes, and VivaCut couldn’t be the ultimate option. We present here two alternatives, both of them work fine with beginners or professionals.


It must no longer be a strange app since people have promoted it globally after four years of publication. TikTok has made a strong reputation and threatened the first position of YouTube.

Tik Tok possesses trendy effects and scenarios, which helps many people gain public love quickly. Besides, this app is famous for free but thoughtful service. All applications on Tik Tok are free to users, and no single one charges a cent. However, it exports stunning full HD clips and a speedy processor.

The only issue with Tik Tok is not available for image editing. Like VivaCut, this app makes clear its focus. Both these platforms are doing very well with collocating advertisements. The free version doesn’t irritate people by overloading ads.


VivaVideo is the oldest of three. It came to Android and IOS devices when editing videos are something professional and complicated. It has changed the culture of making video and turned it possible for all users as long as you’re passionate.

This app offers simple manipulation, beginner’s effects, and updates. Like VivaCut, there are free and paid subscriptions so users can consider suitable usage.

APK MOD of VivaCut

VivaCut MOD is a free premium subscription. Some mod suppliers develop it by unlocking pro features and provide them free to users.

The only difference is that you don’t get them from the usual App Store like Google Play Store but in Google links. The mod is a perfect option for those who want to try VivaCut staggering effects but not comfortable with the budget.

The only downside with this version is it’s excluding iOS devices. It’s only available for Android at the moment, and no further plan.

As the original one, VivaCut MOD released an updated version regularly to make sure users get hands-on with the latest trends. Here are the full mod information:

  • Removed persistent Facebook login message
  • NEW: unlocked export “live wallpaper”
  • Pro / Paid features Unlocked
  • Languages: Multi Languages
  • CPU architectures: armeabi arm64-v8a
  • Screen DPIs: 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi


VivaCut must be one of the stunning apps you should obtain if you are serious with video editing. Even though you are inexperienced, there are straightforward guidelines for you to practice.

Moreover, the app offers a free subscription and a free trial in advance of the Annual subscription. You should think no more and grab the chance.

Download VivaCut MOD APK (PRO Unlocked) 3.4.2

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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