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If the law prevents you from doing crazy acts like stealing a car or organizing a gang, Vice Online doesn’t. This game offers an open world where you can do whatever you want.

About Vice Online – Open World Games

Vice Online is an attractive action role-playing game developed by Jarvi Games Ltd. It simulates an open world where many players can interact and work together. Also, this game is not a copy of GTA Vice City, a Miami crime simulator, or simply a car theft game. It is a new, exciting and exciting game that you must try. The special feature of this open world is that you can do whatever you want without anyone stopping you. It provides tools and resources for you to perform crazy acts. Moreover, it is designed with high-definition 3D graphics, helping you see everything from a comprehensive 3D perspective.

Vice Online is inspired by the titles of the GTA series from Rockstar Games. The game creates an open world where players will freely explore, do quests, interact with NPCs, and do many other activities. You will definitely love this game if you have ever played GTA 5 or GTA San Andreas.


At the start of the game, Vice Online allows you to style and create your appearance. You can choose your gender, face type, hairstyle, hair color, skin color, and outfit. Then give it a cool name and choose a cool avatar. Next, before exploring the city, you will be rewarded with 25,000 bucks and 50 vice golds. You can use this money to equip the necessary vehicles, clothes, weapons, or equipment.

Since this is an open world, there are no strings attached to you. You are freely selecting a job to earn money. You can become a gangster, policeman, truck driver, businessman, or even a robber. Whatever job you choose, you will need to fulfill the required duties. Completing these quests will give you more money to shop for essentials.

Do whatever you want.

There are no strings attached to what you do in Vice Online. Even creating yourself a gangster and making money is legal. With the built-up gangster gang, you can recruit other players and manage them. Moreover, you can freely participate in racing, fighting, and gun battles on your way. You can interact and do all activities with everyone in this open world.

Exciting quest system

You will not guess what task awaits you ahead. Vice Online requires unexpected missions, helping you gain more bonuses. Each mission will come with a period to complete. Depending on the difficulty of the task, the completion time will vary. For example, with the quest “drive a long distance without damaging your car,” you only have 3:00 to complete and receive the reward. If you don’t want to continue the quest, you can exit it in the menu. Besides, don’t forget to complete daily tasks to receive rewards and super-rewards. The more daily tasks you complete, the bigger the bonus you get.

Moreover, during the quest, do not forget to collect the hidden prize. These hidden prizes will contain different rewards. It can be equipment, items, or bonuses. You will be notified of the appearance of hidden prizes in the left corner of the screen.

Buy the necessary equipment at the store.

In this online open world, you cannot function without equipment. With the money available and rewarded, go to the shop and shop. Vice Online offers a cool shop with all the essentials for exploring your city, including:

  • Vehicle: You can choose a variety of vehicles in different sizes and colors like Satoya, Poco, Monster Cube, Whooper, etc. You can own them by paying bucks or vice gold. Please pay attention to the acceleration, speed, handling, drift, and braking stats before buying them
  • Clothes: fashionable clothes you can change for your character
  • Weapon: Weapons such as pistols, long guns, bombs, and bullets will help you defend yourself and attack better in some situations
  • Equipment: necessary equipment such as armor and support items, etc.
  • Emotion: Unlock actions for characters such as running, jumping, etc

Explore the vast map

The game’s background is simulated from famous American cities. You will admire the glitz of Los Angeles or Miami, New York, etc. High-rise buildings and lavish urban areas are here. Vice Online gives you the freedom to move around to explore many different locations. You can drive or jog in the desert, the airport, the beach, the construction site, the harbor, or the upscale areas, etc. All these locations are vast for you to explore and perform quests.

Communicate with other players via chat/voice chat

You are not alone in this open world. Many players are active and ready to interact with you. Vice Online provides chat and voice chat features for all players to interact conveniently. You can communicate with other players easily by sending your message. It’s public, and anyone can see what you want to convey.

Familiar 3D graphics and controls

Vice Online is designed with eye-catching 3D graphics. The scene in the game is built monumentally to impress the fastidious gamers. It gives the feeling that you are operating in real space. Besides, the moving image of the character is smooth, helping you to perform quick actions.

In addition, the controller in the game is simple and quite familiar to gamers. You can use the crane on the left side of the screen to move. On the right side of the screen are action buttons such as driving, attacking, jumping, or using objects.

MOD APK of Vice Online

MOD info

Currently, the game’s mod is not available. We will release it as soon as it is ready.


Experience the freedom of living you want in the big open world of Vice Online. Download this game now and do whatever you want.

Download Vice Online MOD APK (NO) 0.12.2

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