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After watching the Assassin’s Creed film series, I was mesmerized by the top-notch parkour. Since then, I have always learned about Parkour and become passionate about this subject. On one occasion, I found an extremely attractive and attractive Parkour game on smartphones. That is the game that I will introduce to you today. Its name is Vector.

About Vector Full

Vector is an action chase game inspired by the sport of Parkour. You will transform into a character on the run from evil and dictatorial organizations. Your character has super parkour skills. You will experience many different terrains with difficult obstacles. Can you escape from the chase of the pursuers?

Vector is a game from Nikki, the creators of Shadow Fight, one of the most popular game series on mobile platforms. It has now reached over 150 million downloads on the Play Store.

In this article, APKmazon learns with you about the famous Parkour game on smartphones: Vector.

Vector story

Vector plot

In a future world where humans are controlled to work like machines. Here, everyone wears suits and wears a control bracelet on their heads. They are “brainwashed” and work for a mysterious company. But you are a special person who is not controlled by that bracelet. You realize the mysterious company is doing daner experiments on people and decide to run away. Because you are holding their important secrets, the company is determined to catch you to the end.

And this is also when the chases and the eye-catching parkour phases take the throne.

Thrilling action game

Vector is a game inspired by the extreme sport Parkour. Throughout the game, you will experience eye-catching parkour movements. Besides, there are suspenseful and thrilling chase phases. In addition, you will receive the help of your friends in a few rounds. They will guide you or help you overcome difficult terrain. But in short, try to run away from the security staff and don’t let them catch you.

How to play Vector

To control the character in Vector, you just need to use a few simple moves:

  • Swipe Up: Jump/Perform skills
  • Swipe Down: Slide
  • Swipe Right: Accelerate/Climb the wall
  • Swipe Left: Slow down/Climb the wall

You will use these maneuvers to overcome obstacles and run away from enemies. Vector is not easy to play at all. You will have to manipulate the right time to overcome obstacles as quickly as possible. Be careful of gaps between buildings. You will need to make a very precise jump to get past them. If you slip and fall, you lose.

To demonstrate the advanced techniques of Parkour, you just need to do the right maneuvers at the time these techniques appear.

Game Mode

In Vector, there are 2 game modes that you can experience.

  • Classic: This is the mode where you will be chased by the security officer of the mysterious company. You will have to run away from them to the safe point at the bottom of the map. You will need to keep your distance from security personnel as far as possible. If he can reach you, he will knock you out with a catapult and you lose.
  • Hunter: Hunter mode is where you can experience being a chaser. You will play as a security officer of a mysterious company whose mission is to catch fugitives. You will have to try to get close to the enemy to capture him.

In both of these modes, you will have to earn Star points to unlock the next rounds. With each game, you can earn up to 3 stars from collecting items on the way, doing difficult moves, and reaching the finish line. When you reach a certain number of Star Points, you can unlock the following chapters of the game.

With Hunter mode, it will automatically unlock if you earn 50 stars in Classic mode.

Missions in each level

The most important task is to reach the finish line. You have to skillfully outmaneuver the security guards who are chasing you to reach a safe point. You will not need to search for this safe spot as it will automatically appear at the end of the terrain.

Each level is a chase in different terrains. It will allow you to demonstrate various beautiful techniques for overcoming obstacles. At the start of the level, you will be asked to perform various techniques to earn Star points. The way to perform these techniques is to swipe up at the right time.

In addition, you will have to collect items on the way. These items take the form of a white cube. They will appear in the places you pass. If you collect all of these items in the game, you will be awarded 1 Star point.

Vector features

Outstanding Parkour Moves

One of my favorite things about Vector is the beautiful parkour techniques. Besides the basic techniques of Parkour, you can also perform professional techniques like Vault, Flip, Spin, Wall-hop… These techniques are simulated smoothly and beautifully, it brings a real feeling to the player. . I could replay a level dozens of times just to see the character’s masterful Vault technique.

To perform these beautiful techniques, you will have to use Coins to unlock them. The techniques after being opened will be learned and memorized by the character. You can perform these techniques in many different rounds.

Equip gear for the character

You can also equip items for your character. Please visit the “Store” on the main page of the app. Here, you can buy some character’s costumes such as clothes, hats, scarves… In addition, you can also buy special items in the Gadget section, these items can help you speed up, jump high or create shockwaves to push away the chase.

Exact technical demonstration

A professional parkour player has dozens of different ways to overcome an obstacle. In the game Vector is the same. There are many moves you can use. But choosing the most precise and neat technique is what matters. You will have to find the fastest way to overcome the obstacles without spending too much time. Otherwise, you will be caught up and attacked by the enemy.

On the contrary, if you pass the obstacle quickly, you will have the opportunity to increase the distance from the opponent.

An example is when you encounter a water pillar. Instead of wasting time climbing over it to continue running, choose to slide down to get past it easily.

Graphics and sound

Vector has a 2D graphic design like another famous game of Nekki, Shadow Fight. You will not be able to see the characters’ faces clearly, but you can see their silhouettes. The road obstacles are also 2D graphics. But the movement of the character will be designed in 3D to simulate stunning parkour techniques.

Coming to Vector, you will experience exciting and dramatic sound effects. They are fast-paced instrumental songs that are suitable for intense action scenes.

Vector mod apk download

MOD APK of Vector Full

Coins are the currency in Vector that has many uses. You can use Coins to buy equipment, unlock difficult techniques or unlock new levels. You can collect Coins that appear on each level. But there is a much faster and easier way to download the Vector MOD APK Unlimited Money. In this mod, you have unlimited Coins to unlock all the techniques and maps.

MOD Info:

  • Paid/ Patched
  • Unlimited Money
  • Free download on


Vector is a game where you can experience the thrill of chases. You can also perform superb and eye-catching techniques in the sport of Parkour. You can also play as both a fugitive and a hunter. This is an extremely perfect action game for entertainment on smartphones. You can download the Vector Unlimited Money MOD version by following the link below.

Download Vector Full MOD APK (Paid/ Patched) 2.0.3

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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