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Vampires are a hot topic for many filmmakers, comics, and entertainers. Recently, a new mobile game took the topic of Vampire to develop with the name Vampire’s Fall: Origins.

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This game was released by Early Morning Studio on September 11th, currently being released on Google Play for Android, while the iOS version is expected to be released shortly. Here are some key features of Vampire’s Fall: Origins and the guide to downloading games for you.

Vampire’s Fall: Origins – Role-playing game Vampire’s Fall: Origins


Historically, the villagers of Vamp’Ire have enjoyed a peaceful and happy life without any danger. But rumors are circulating about a witch who can use dark magic. The vampires here are afraid that this rumor is true and they have formed a strong army ready to fight, against wicked witchcraft. And to participate in the game, you will be one of the vampire warriors chosen to fight to defend this village.

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Role-playing role

Accordingly, Vampire’s Fall: Origins will be developed turn-based role-playing game not so new. You will control a character who is a vampire to fight monsters or fight with other players. The game has two main modes of role playing: PvE mode based on story mode and real-time PvP mode.

Simple graphics

Game Vampire’s Fall: Origins are not so impressive in graphics as the game is only equipped with 2D graphics is quite simple. However, the game still appears with sharp quality and eye catching. Game Vampire’s Fall: Origins are set up with dark-colored games that match the style of the vampire, working at night.

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Download Vampire’s Fall: Origins APK

In general, the game has a fascinating gameplay style, and the graphics are nothing special compared to other role-playing games. However, Vampire’s Fall: Origins is still worth a try. You can select the download link from the link below, it’s free.

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