Used Car Dealer 2

Used Car Dealer 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.9.926

App NameUsed Car Dealer 2
Publisher B-Games AI
Require5.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Become a business genius in Used Car Dealer 2, a mobile simulation game for buying and selling used cars. Download the latest mod version of the game at our blog for a better playing experience!

About Used Car Dealer 2

After the success of the Used Car Dealer, B-Games AI released the second version of the series. As usual, you become the manager and build a used car business empire. There are tons of tasks that you will have to complete to grow your business. Get ready for the challenge.

Used Car Dealer 2 mod apk download


The story of Used Car Dealer 2 has nothing to do with the first title. One fine day, you get a call from the mayor Eric, with whom you worked together when you were young. He invites you to join a new business venture in Rush City, the used car business! After a quick discussion, you’ve accepted the invitation.

Your flight lands in town early the next day. It’s great that Mayor Eric has granted you a plot of land to start your business project. Let’s get it started with helpful help from Jenne, your lovely assistant.


First, you need to name your business and choose a suitable logo for it. Make sure you choose a favorite name. Now, go to the car market to pick up some used cars. It’s like in real life. You pay cash and then take the car to your garage.

The good news is that a customer visits your garage to buy a used car. Customers are looking for cars with specific requirements for engine, year of manufacture, mileage, drivetrain, and body type. You need to offer a suggested price for the car and wait for the customer to agree. After selling your first car, you have more money to grow your business. Please continue to visit the car market to search for cars that meet customer requirements. The core of the business is that you have to find the used car that matches the customer’s requirements, then sell them at a higher price to make a profit.

Some cars at the market are not always available. You need to bid to get them. Try to pay a suitable price to win the auction. Car Dealer 2 has more than 100 different cars in the collection for you to trade.

When you want to sell used cars for a higher price, you need to make them look newer. Quite simply, Car Dealer 2 allows you to repaint your cars; then sell them for a better price. There are dozens of different tasks that you need to complete to grow your used car business.

Used Car Dealer 2 gameplay

Build your business empire

It is not easy to build an old car business empire, but I bet you will. You start your business with a vacant lot, fill it up with buildings. The Clients Desk is where you receive requests from clients. So upgrade it as soon as possible to get more orders. Besides, you also need to pay to open more parking slots. Upgrading buildings is an important activity because when you reach specific levels you can unlock new properties.

In Used Car Dealer 2, taking care of customers is an important task. Each customer has specific requirements for the vehicle they are looking for. So make sure you find the right car for them. When you get the recognition of your customers, your brand will become more popular. It is the key to the growth of the business.

When you have a steady source of income from your business, spend more to explode in revenue! Used Car Dealer 2 allows you to run marketing campaigns. You can buy ads at malls to attract customers, or spend millions of dollars to invite celebrities to be the face of your business.

Finally, you can organize a used car show to attract customers and investors. Obviously, you will have to spend a lot of money on various activities to expand your business, but it is worth it.

Keep buying and selling to get richer

Once it becomes a big business, your company will have a Customer department to handle inquiries and anticipate future customer needs. From there you can get a bigger profit. Used Car Dealer 2 does not allow you to stop at any point. There are many different tasks to keep you busy.

Graphics and sound

Used Car Dealer 2 has simple graphics, but I bet it’s enough to make you happy. The colors in the game are quite bright, the characters are also cutely designed. The music in the game is impressive. There are fun soundtracks to keep you inspired as you manage your business.

Used Car Dealer 2 features

MOD APK of Used Car Dealer 2

MOD info

Unlimited coins and diamonds: Coins and diamonds automatically increase as you spend. Note that you need to reach the required level to unlock new content in the game.


Become a millionaire with your old car business empire with Used Car Dealer 2. The game is now available for free on the Play Store. However, if you want a better playing experience, we bring you a mod of this game. You can use unlimited in-game currency to shop and upgrade everything. Have fun!

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