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Razer Phone is a smart mobile phone company dedicated to playing games. This phone has been introduced by Razer in mid-2017 and has officially launched with a quite impressive price of $ 699. The Razer has also unveiled a living-style mobile game called UltraHunt. Soon after the launch, UltraHunt quickly gained the attention of gamers around the globe. However, over half a year passed, the game title has not been released yet many gamers wait.

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According to the information that ApkMod received, the title UltraHunt game is in the process of being prepared and ready to release in the coming time. It is said that the game will develop the survival gameplay which is most popular today. In a little more detail, this game will follow exactly the gameplay of the greatest game ever from Tencent, the PUBG. UltraHunt is expected to be released on two major mobile platforms, Android and iOS, for completely free. ApkMod will discover some interesting features of the UltraHunt game, whether it can compete with the current popular games such as PUBG Mobile, Fortnite Mobile or Rules Of Survival.

Evaluate the UltraHunt-Game of Razer survival

Extremely attractive survival game

In terms of gameplay, the game UltraHunt will be developed quite similar to PUBG Mobile today. Joining the game, you will still be able to choose a character to start a war of survival with hundreds of other players. You will be dropped from a helicopter on a large island with 99 other players. Here you have to do everything to survive, destroy all to be the only survivor, is the great winner. The map will be divided into safe locations and dangerous locations, the safe area will be narrowed down to bring all players together, select the best players. Equip yourself with weapons, vehicles and necessary items for this game.

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Character system

Just like in PUBG, you will be able to choose any character, male or female, and choose more details such as the face, skin color, hair, costume, etc. In the game, you can pick up new costumes.

Weapon system and moving vehicles

The game UltraHunt is equipped with extremely diverse weapon systems such as guns, hammers, knives, axes. The guns are divided into different types depending on their ability to attack far, near, strength and rare. You can accidentally pick up these weapons in small houses or from the victims you defeat. Moreover, the means to help you move faster like ships, cars, motorcycles, … In addition to helping you move faster, these vehicles also help you escape the danger of the attack. attack of the enemy.

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Impressive 3D graphics

The game UltraHunt is equipped with impressive 3D graphics with sharp image quality. All landscapes, characters, objects are created in great details. It is so realistic that you will have the feeling like you are watching 3D movies in the cinema. It can be seen that the game UltraHunt graphics are not inferior to the current survival games on the Mobile.

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Download UltraHunt APK for Android, iOS – The survival game of Razer Phone

Overall, this UltraHunt game is almost virtually identical to the famous PUBG Mobile, but still, it has some other new features to attract the attention from players. In particular, if the UltraHunt experience on the Razer Phone will give you a great experience, it is equipped with a terrible configuration, not inferior to the current high-end smartphone. However, at present UltraHunt game has not officially released so we still have to wait a while longer. ApkMod will update your download link soonest for you.

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