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Ultra Sharp 3

Today ApkMod will bring you an interesting entertaining puzzle game, you will definitely get addicted to it. This game is called Ultra Sharp, which was released shortly ago by Lion Studios. This will be an entertaining game that is not too difficult but players will not be able to stop when they experience it. Here, ApkMod will introduce you how to play as well as how to download Ultra Sharp on your device.

Ultra Sharp 1

Introducing the addictive Ultra Sharp-Game from Lion Studios

Simple gameplay

Joining the game, your task is quite simple, you just need to find ways to make the objects in the screen can touch the star. The stars will appear randomly. There will be possibly 1, 2 or more stars for you to collect it. To collect the stars, you have to cut objects to make an impact on the stars. It may sound easy, but when you enter the game, you will certainly encounter many difficulties.

As the player will have to pass the level of the game with different difficulty levels, usually the difficulty level will increase gradually. The control is quite simple, you just use your fingers to cut objects on the screen. Currently, there are 320 rounds for you to conquer. However, until now, no one can pass all 320 screens. How about you? Try to know your capabilities.

Ultra Sharp 2

Download Ultra Sharp APK

Overall, the Ultra Sharp game has extremely simple gameplay, but it’s not easy to pass all 320 screens, that’s why no one can do. If you like Ultra Sharp, you can download the game from the link below to experience it.

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