Ultimate EMF Detector Real Pro
Ultimate EMF Detector Real Pro

Ultimate EMF Detector Real Pro MOD APK (PAID/Patched) 3.0

Powerful Magnetic Detector with graphs, indicators and much more

App NameUltimate EMF Detector Real Pro
Publisher MRE Programming
MOD InfoPAID/Patched
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About Ultimate EMF Detector Real Pro

The application known as Ultimate EMF Detector Real Pro is a magnetic field detector that is both powerful and accurate. It allows users to measure magnetic fields and detect metals, magnets, cables, and other items. This application was developed with the explicit intention of including one-of-a-kind features and providing an exceptional user experience.

The software has additional functionality and contains no advertisements from third parties. Ensure your mobile device is equipped with a magnetic sensor before downloading the software, as its functionality depends on this component. In addition, it is recommended that you keep your phone away from high-power or powerful magnets to avoid causing any damage.


The app has four modes: EMF Advanced, EMF Simple, EMF Lightbar, and EMF Classic.

  • This mode of EMF displays graphs and has sound and vibration alarms, among other features.
  • This mode provides a more straightforward representation of the detector’s readings.
  • EMF Lightbar: This mode displays the primary task, a sizable lightbar, and a radar sound.
  • EMF Classic: When you select this option, you will see the traditional EMF meter display, which consists of an analog needle and lights.


The Ultimate EMF Detector Real Pro is an app that detects magnetic fields and includes a variety of tasks that make it a flexible and accurate magnetic field detector. These characteristics are as follows:

  • Auxiliary Field H in Amp/m XYZ, max-min, and graphs, as well as Magnetic Field B measured in microTesla, Gauss, and milliGauss
  • The EMF meter in its traditional form, complete with a needle, LCD, and LED indicator
  • Record magnetic data on a Txt file (with timer)
  • Max, Spike, and Radar are emitting warning tones.
  • Vibration alert
  • A pace of sampling that can vary
  • Choose a meter to be your favorite.
  • The detector’s backgrounds and skins, if you will.
  • There are no adverts from outside parties.

Accuracy while yet preserving ease of use

The app is the one that provides the most accurate readings of any EMF detector on the market. Its beautiful instrument can detect metals and electromagnetic fields with great speed and sensitivity. The application is simple to operate and offers both expert and beginner users a delightful and convenient experience, as it is very user-friendly.

The user’s ability to analyze and quantify magnetic fields is made simpler and more efficient by the app’s usage of themes. The data presented on the app are highly exact, and it is also possible to compute and display the auxiliary field H, which is derived from the magnetic field. Both of these features are supplied most accurately.

Learn Everything You Need to Know with Schools

Not only is it possible to use the Ultimate EMF Detector Real Pro app to measure magnetic fields, but it can also be used to measure magnetism, the electromagnetic of the Earth, and even more. It will take some time to become familiar with all of the features that make this program unique because it is a multipurpose application that offers a wide range of functions.

In addition, the app’s vintage gauge and LED line display magnetic readings, and the app’s settings allow you to tailor the measurement range to fit your requirements. This app is a must-have for anyone interested in magnetic lessons. Converting between different measurement units, such as Tesla to Gauss, and many more, are also simple.

Pro Version Features

App users can conduct independent investigations and discovery without being interrupted by commercial content. In addition to that, it has alert vibrations and three different warning sounds: Max, Spike, and Radar. The application has a voice recorder that allows users to save data to a text file. This makes it simple for users to preserve the data on their computers for later study.

Options for Personalization

The Ultimate EMF Detector Real Pro app was developed to be intuitive and straightforward, with precisely depicted lines and vibrant colors throughout. Users have extensive control over the application’s appearance, including changing the skin and backdrop. The application also has max, min, graph, and more features.


Whenever you are utilizing the app, it is vital not to leave your phone near any robust devices, such as transformers, because doing so runs the risk of causing damage to your smartphone.


The Ultimate EMF Detector Real Pro is an app that can detect magnetic fields in various environments, is highly accurate, and doesn’t require a lot of human input. It also offers its customers a fantastic experience overall. This application is ideal for anyone interested in investigating and exploring the magnetic field.

Download Ultimate EMF Detector Real Pro MOD APK (PAID/Patched) 3.0

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