UC Browser-Safe, Fast, Private
UC Browser-Safe, Fast, Private

UC Browser-Safe, Fast, Private MOD APK (Many Feature) v13.5.0.1311

Provides a smooth experience while surfing, downloading files or watching videos

App NameUC Browser-Safe, Fast, Private
Publisher UCWeb Singapore Pte. Ltd.
MOD InfoMany Feature
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About this MOD
  • Under Screen / Zoom” button
  • Removed unnecessary processes
  • No tab limits
  • Increased the number of “My sites”
  • Increased Number of characters in the clipboard
  • Removed pop-up in the player and Youtube: “Share Videos and Win Money”
  • Download video from youtube in full screen video player mode
  • UserAgent changed

About UC Browser

The UC Browser is a web browser that is quick, intelligent, and safe. It was built to provide an outstanding surfing experience. The user’s experience when surfing the web, going to websites, downloading files, or viewing videos is much more pleasant due to the browser’s incorporation of a one-of-a-kind video player and a U4 engine built in-house. We will go further into the features that make the UC Browser one of the most brilliant and popular online browsers accessible today in this post. UC Browser is one of the most popular web browsers available today.

Improved Functionality While Surfing the Web

The most recent version of UC Browser utilizes its one-of-a-kind, in-house created U4 engine, which, in comparison to earlier versions, promises a 20% improvement in web connection, standard support, video-watching experience, personal information security, stability, and storage management. Those that make use of this engine will have a much-improved surfing experience that is not only quick but also safe.

Rapid Downloading

The servers used by UC Browser both speed up and stabilize downloads. UC Browser can resume downloading from where the connection was broken or interrupted, guaranteeing that user enjoy a superuser experience when downloading content. With this function, customers can download videos more quickly and even watch videos that are still downloading without having to wait until the download is done.

Mode with a Tiny Window

The tiny window option of the UC Browser enables users to detach the video window from the webpage they are viewing and place it on top of the display instead. Those who wish to communicate with friends, do online shopping, or participate in other activities without interrupting their video-watching will find this option extremely handy.

A video is now playing in the background

Users of the UC Browser can play videos in the background with a single press of the mouse button. Users can listen to videos on their phones while simultaneously engaging in other activities, which results in a browsing experience that is both more convenient and varied.

Data Saving

Users may save a significant amount of cellular data traffic by using UC Browser since it compresses data, speeds up navigation, and helps users save time. The more users browse, the more data they may save using UC Browser. Because of this, UC Browser is an excellent choice for internet users who wish to reduce their data consumption while benefiting from a quick and hassle-free surfing experience.

Blocking advertisements

The capability of UC Browser’s ad filter eliminates various advertisements that disrupt users’ everyday surfing experience. This function allows users of Android smartphones to view online pages without being interrupted by ads, making for a more pleasant and stress-free surfing experience overall.

Playing videos without any hiccups

Users of UC Browser are provided with an exceptional experience when it comes to video viewing thanks to a video player that was created in-house and innovative technologies. Users candles without experiencing any pauses or slowdowns, making this the ideal browser for those who are te about watching videos.

Incognito Mode

The incognito mode of UC Browser enables users to browse the internet without leaving any trace of their browsing activity, including any history, cookies, caches, or other information that may be retained on their respective devices. Because this feature ensures that the user’s surfing and watching experience is private and safe, the browser is suitable for individuals who place high importance on their privacy.

Facebook Mode

The Facebook mode of the UC Browser makes Facebook run faster, independent of the users’ existing network circumstances. Even when visiting Facebook, users will still benefit from a brisk and problem-free surfing experience because the browser is constantly looking for new methods to boost the network speed of its users.

The Night Setting

The UC Browser’s night mode allows users to switch to night mode for a more relaxed reading experience when it’s time to wind down for the day. Because of this feature, users of the browser will not have any strain on their eyes while using it, which makes it an excellent choice for usage in the evening.

New and Improved, the Latest and Greatest Version

The most recent version of UC Browser includes several new optimized and more up-to-date updates than the previous edition. The U4 technology, created in Australia, is utilized by the browser, which boosts the overall surfing experience for consumers by up to 20% in terms of the line speed at which they access websites. In addition to this, the program assists users in protecting the confidentiality of their personal information in a manner that is more robust than ever before, all while utilizing a storage management method that is far more conventional.

Amazingly Quick Downloading Times

The download speed of the UC Browser is lightning-fast. The server contributes to the acceleration of the process to the greatest extent feasible and maintains a consistent level of performance. Even if an issue arises due to a third party, UC Browser will instantly restart the comprehensive testing procedure and begin downloading only after receiving permission from the user. The download resumes precisely where it left off in the browser, allowing users to take advantage of information requiring substantially less load time than usual.

Mini Player Mode

Users can watch videos using the UC Browser’s minor player mode even while performing other tasks on their mobile devices. The user can detach the video window that is presently playing from the main web page and intelligently dock it on top of the screen. This allows the user to continue enjoying their preferred content while performing other tasks.

Unique Background Mode

The innovative background mode of the UC Browser enables users to perform various other tasks on their mobile devices while simultaneously listening to music and watching videos. This function, which is also known as playing video in the background, enables users to continue enjoying their preferred material even while performing other tasks on their mobile device, resulting in a surfing experience that is both more convenient and adaptable.

Private Incognito Mode

The anonymous browsing mode of the UC Browser enables users to access websites without exposing their personal information to the app’s homepage, which is only possible under particular circumstances. The entire browser history, including the cache, is not kept in any location while using this mode, guaranteeing that users have a private surfing experience where nobody can track them.

Safe Night Mode

The UC Browser’s night mode not only prevents users from seeing spam advertisements from third parties but also ensures that users do not suffer any discomfort in their eyes, which is beneficial to their overall eye health. This function makes browsing at night more pleasant and convenient for consumers, guaranteeing they can enjoy their preferred material without straining their eyes.


UC Browser is a web browser that is quick, intelligent, and safe, and it offers users a fantastic experience when they are browsing the web. UC Browser’s distinctive features, which include an improved web browsing experience, fast download, minor window mode, video playing in the background, data saving, ad block, smooth video playing, incognito mode, Facebook mode, and night mode, guarantee that users will have a pleasant and trouble-free time while using the browser. UC Browser has recently undergone several improvements and optimizations, and it still maintains its status as one of the most innovative and widely used web browsers now on the market.

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