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Tubi TV MOD APK (Ad-free) 8.2.1

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Require5.0 and up
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Tubi TV, with unique and completely free movies and shows, will satisfy you whether you are a movie enthusiast or not. You will have an impressive movie-watching experience and never get bored with the constantly updated content in this application.

About Tubi TV

Besides Nextflix, Tubi TV is a unique movie streaming platform developed by FOX Entertainment. It serves movie enthusiasts on both web platforms and mobile apps. You can download this movie-watching application on the Play Store without paying any cost.

Tubi TV MOD APK download

In addition to fixed streaming content, Tubi offers on-demand content, including TV series, movies, and live channels. Unlike other streaming services, Tubi TV does not force users to sign up for a paid membership to stream content. Instead, the ads that appear between streaming content are part of the revenue generation for the service provider. However, there is still the option to pay with membership packages similar to Netflix or HBO Max. As a Premium member, you will have the best Tubi TV viewing experience with ads completely removed and exclusive content unlocked.

Currently, this streaming service has received over 100,000,000+ downloads on all platforms. There are about 30 million monthly users. With thousands of constantly updated engaging content and the unique features it offers, you will never be disappointed. Enjoy your free time to watch great movies of premium quality. In particular, these contents are provided for free, and you do not need to perform complicated operations to watch movies. Let’s find out what features make it different from the rest.

Key features of Tubi TV

Honestly, compared to other established streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime, Tubi TV is like a kid. But it won the hearts of many for its high-quality service at an affordable price, even for free. Besides that, there are many other aspects that this service provider has done well. Please take a look at its outstanding features now.

Watch great HD shows and movies for free

As the most extensive free streaming service, you never have to see duplicate content on Tubi TV. It offers thousands of exciting new TV shows and movies for you to experience. A unique feature is that these movies have all won awards or are highly rated on IMDb. Besides, these HD movies are all constantly updated, so you always find the latest movies every day. Especially these movies and TV shows are exclusive and legal that you can hardly find in other popular streaming apps. Moreover, the content is free, and you don’t need to register or spend money to watch these movies and shows.

Enjoy more than 20 program genres

Tubi offers a wide variety of movies and shows for you to choose from. It includes A&E, Action, Black Cinema, BabyFirst TV, Anime, Black History Month, Drama, Comedy, etc. These shows and movies are from different countries like the USA, UK, Japan, Korea, etc. Each genre is hundreds of attractive films. For example, you can find popular Anime like Naruto, Cowboy Bebop, Yu-gi-oh, etc. You can preview the synopsis and basic information about these movies. Plus, they all have subtitles, so you don’t have to worry about not understanding the content.

Make your movie playlist

The list of movies available on this tool is quite extensive, taking a lot of your time to search and watch. Therefore, it allows you to create a list of movies according to your taste. Adding movies to this personal list is quite simple. Once you’ve selected your favorite movie or TV show, tap the Add icon. It will automatically add the film of your choice to the list for you to watch again at any time. Also, it saves your searching time and never makes you confused thinking about what to see.

Find your favorite movies quickly

Tubi’s movie finder has excellent speed and high accuracy. Every time you search for your favorite movies, enter the movie name or actor name. A suggested list of films according to the keyword you entered will appear. Whether you’re looking for classic movies or newly released movies, it’s there for you to choose from. You will save a lot of time searching for the movie you want.

Continue watching the video you stopped before

Many streaming apps often load movies and shows from scratch if you leave. However, Tubi TV is not like that. Whenever you stop the video, it will save the content. You don’t have to worry about watching the episode from the beginning or trying to remember the exact video you haven’t seen. When you accidentally exit because of unexpected things, you can resume watching the video at any time. It is convenient and does not make you feel uncomfortable.

Tubi TV MOD APK features

No account required

While other platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Crunchyroll require users to pay a membership fee to stream online content, Tubi TV does not. You can visit the tubitv.com homepage then enjoy the content completely free without any strings attached. It means that Tubi TV allows you to stream video for free without requiring an account login.

The maximum video quality streamed on the free account is 720p. It is enough for the experience of watching movies on mobile screens. Even so, if you want the best video viewing experience on Tubi, it has paid memberships available. The biggest perk for Premium members is an ad-free viewing experience. Besides, it unlocks exclusive content. Premium members also have a more seamless ride experience as it allows you to resume watching content where you left off on a new device.

Share your favorite movies with social sites or friends

Watching and commenting on your favorite movies together with friends is great. This tool allows you to share your favorite movies and shows with social sites or friends. Like adding a movie to a personal list, you need to click on the share icon to share it right away. A list of standard sharing tools and social site options will appear for you to choose from. Click on any of the options to share with your friends right away. If your friends have the app installed, they can watch movies immediately without complicated operations.

Intuitive and user-friendly interface

Tubi TV has a user-friendly and highly intuitive interface. Whether you have ever watched movies on streaming platforms or not, you can select and watch movies quickly on this tool. All its features are presented visually on the homepage. You can search and select movie genres or other features without learning how to use them. Its colors are also delicate and modern, providing the most comfortable viewing space for you.

Available for multiple platforms

Besides the web version for computer browsers, Tubi TV has official apps for other platforms. Depending on the platforms you are using, the applications customize appearance and features. However, all content on every platform is the same. The application allows you to stream videos, add videos to your favorites, download them for offline viewing or share content with others.

Currently, the Tubi app is available on the following platforms:

  • Five
  • Smart TV Android
  • Apple TV
  • Google Chromecast
  • Console devices include Xbox One, Xbox One X series, Play Station 4 and Play Station
  • TiVo
  • Xfinity X1
  • Mobile devices including Android and iOS
  • Table Android and ipad
  • Amazon Fire TV

You can easily find and install suitable versions for your device on the official Stores.

MOD APK of Tubi

MOD Info

  • VPN needed outside USA
  • Disabled Analytics/Receivers/some services
  • Disabled signature verification w/hook method
  • Disabled all calls from server-sided ad-breaks
  • Disabled permission prompt for better Android 11 support
  • Anti adaptive icon support FireCube/Gen3FS/Lite/4KMax/SmartFireTV
  • You have to launch app once to see icon on home screen under recent


Instead of spending money to watch today’s popular movies or blockbusters, you can install Tubi to enjoy them for free. This application will make your dull moments enjoyable with unique content from many different sources.

Download Tubi TV MOD APK (Ad-free) 8.2.1

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