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Tropical Resort Story MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.3.0

App NameTropical Resort Story
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Get ready to download Tropical Resort MOD APK to use unlimited in-game coins and diamonds. Now you can comfortably build and develop a resort on a tropical island. The game simulates how you will build and manage your resort in the most realistically Pixel graphics.

About Tropical Resort Story

Tropical Resort Story is the latest product from Kairosoft, the programmer who has created many popular mobile games with millions of installs, such as Dungeon Village and Dream House Days. Like most of Kairosoft’s other games, Tropical Resort Story requires players to have great skills in time management, creativity, construction, and interaction.

You are the owner of a beautiful tropical island in the Pacific Ocean. Make it a paradise for tourists by building and promoting your resort chain. Make sure your customers are always happy to spend money on your services. You get started with the rudimentary equipment; there is tons of work that you must complete to grow your business.

Tropical Resort Story has many items you can use to upgrade your resort. Let’s start with the construction of buildings, then install different facilities to attract new customers.

If you like simulation games with business elements, Tropical Resort Story is a game you cannot miss. It’s currently $4.99 on the Play Store, but you can download and install it free at our blog.

Tropical Resort Story mod apk

Business management simulation experiences

In Tropical Resort Story, you are the boss. Running a business model is never easy. The game requires you to manage your resources and money to build and develop a chain of resorts on your tropical island. You start with a few small buildings on the island’s south side. It has basic amenities. Don’t worry; build new facilities to entice new customers.

A perfect resort needs different facilities to satisfy customers. It would help if you built them. Grow your business for profit. Then use it to expand your resort. Besides the familiar daily routine, there are many different resources that you need to gather. Ensure your guests are always well received with comfortable seats, delicious food, clean rooms, and great weather.

There are different ways you can improve your resort. Tropical Resort Story allows you to arrange structures, buildings, and decorations. You have an island with many other areas to build and develop.

Grow your business by finding new partners

As you grow your business, it will attract more customers. They are tourists coming to the island from all over the world. This is your primary source of revenue. New partners will come to you to send cooperation requests when the business is very profitable. They will open shops and build some other gadgets on your island. Of course, you will collect a portion of the sales from these stores. Make sure to create the best conditions for your partners to be satisfied. The more investors you have, the more money you make.

Sometimes, you can make your business better by organizing your utilities properly. For example, a business partner places bars in the resort’s lounge area. It gives good profit. However, you can get even more money by placing it next to swimming pools or outdoor party areas. This is an opportunity to show your entrepreneurial mindset. Ensure the services are linked together to generate a more significant revenue stream.

An idle game full of fun

You must have heard of popular mobile idle games like Idle Minner Tycoon or AdVenture Capitalist. Tropical Resort Story uses this element in its gameplay. You don’t need to spend much time developing your resort island. Business activities in the game still take place even when offline.

Offline revenue will be more significant when you hire managers to run the business. Hiring managers are an effective way to optimize your work. They will help you manage all activities inside the resort, including customer care, beach cleaning, swimming pool cleaning, party organization, and many more.

Each manager has a specialty and works in a specific area. Therefore, you need to hire and arrange managers in their compatible areas.

Classic graphics

Pixel graphic style is characteristic of every game from Kairosoft. Therefore, there is no exception for Tropical Resort Story. The game uses the familiar classic pixel graphic style. Don’t worry because the game image is quite bright. The details are also very clear and lovely. The developer has simulated a resort on a tropical island with many different areas. You will have a completely relaxing experience with this game.

Other outstanding features of Tropical Resort Story

Tropical Resort Story is a fun idle simulation game you should try. Please take a look at its other outstanding features.

  • Collect Stamps. Stamps are the key to speeding up your game progression. It allows you to unlock new buildings. Works not available at the start. It would be best if you unlocked them one by one. Stamps can be obtained when you complete tasks or satisfy customers.
  • Design your resort: Your resort is located on a tropical island with many types of terrain. This game allows you to design your resort the way you want. Terrain customization is available for you to rearrange buildings in specific areas. Tropical Resort Story has no limits on the arrangement of structures and decorations, as long as you are creative enough.
  • Build hotels with a variety of rooms. A resort always needs good rooms to attract customers. The game allows you to build different types of rooms, including standard rooms, premium rooms, and mansions. Each room type has a different price.
  • Offer new services. It is a way for you to retain customers and make them spend more money. Most of your guests come to the resort to relax. Therefore, they need more recreational activities. Let’s meet them! For example, you can build a spa, swimming pool, sauna, ski area, etc.
  • Customize Travel Packages. Your customers come from worldwide, so their needs are also different. Some like to explore activities; others like to relax at spas. This is when you need to provide suitable travel packages for them. It is the best way to satisfy your customers. Tropical Resort Story allows you to create Travel packages with customized activities and prices.
  • Don’t forget the beaches: A beach is always a favorite tourist place. Therefore, you need to take good care of this area. Make sure your beach stays clean by hiring cleaners to collect trash and clean the water. You can also decorate the beach with corals and rocks.
  • Complete Wildlife encyclopedia: Your tropical island is beautiful. It has many different types of terrain. Wild animals inhabit them. You can complete an encyclopedia for all the creatures on this island.
  • Simple controls. The game offers a simple and intuitive interface to control. You can easily access options to build new buildings or manage your businesses.

MOD APK of Tropical Resort Story

To speed up your gaming process, download Tropical Resort Story MOD APK for Android. It provides helpful features for you to enjoy this game more comfortably.

MOD info

  • Unlimited Money: You have unlimited money in the game. It means you can use the money to build anything you want, including buildings, swimming pools, spas, and more. It also allows you to hire managers.
  • No advertising.
  • Free shopping


Tropical Resort Story keeps the features from other KairoSoft products as it offers exciting simulation gameplay in unique pixel graphics. The game is currently $4.99 on the Play Store but you can get it for free at our blog. Are you ready to turn your tropical island into a paradise resort for travelers?

Download Tropical Resort Story MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.3.0

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