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  • Publisher: Etermax
  • Platforms: Android 4.1+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 74M
  • Latest Version: 1.27.0
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: May 10, 2019

Today we will continue to bring you a super interesting puzzle game. However, this time it will not be a simple puzzle game for entertainment but a challenging game that requires much intelligence. This game is called Trivia Crack 2, which was released by Etermax not long ago.

Trivia crack 2 1

Maybe you know the name Trivia Crack, a very interesting puzzle game that every player around the world knows. This game has received over 150 million downloads on Google Play, an enormous number that just a few games have ever achieved. As the name Trivia Crack 2, this will be a new version of Trivia Crack. Accordingly, Trivia Crack 2 will remain an exciting entertainment application for all ages. Let’s challenge your intelligence with others by answering the quiz in six different areas, and train your brain every day and see who is smarter.

The interesting puzzle gameplay that challenges your intelligence

Like the original Trivia Crack, this new version of Trivia Crack 2 was still developed with the puzzle, memory challenges and intelligence requirement gameplay. Participating in the game, players will have to collect the corresponding avatar for each category. The game has 6 categories in 6 different areas of knowledge for players to choose and participate. Just turn the wheel and you will have to answer the question with the hit list. If the wheel stops in a special position, the player can choose the field according to his own.

Trivia crack 2 2

In order to overcome the puzzles in this game, the player must have good knowledge and an excellent memory. However, knowledge is not the only thing to win. But this game also requires tactics from players, such as you can steal the opponent’s avatar if you challenge them in the duel battle to see who is smarter.

Main Features of Trivia Crack 2 MOD Apk

  • Show your intelligence: Join with your friends or relatives in the puzzle games to see who is the winner, who is more intelligent. That will be interesting challenges.
  • Brain training: With the puzzles that require much thinking and memory, they will well train your brain. You will have a chance to do it with thousands of puzzles at different difficulty levels in the game
  • Character Collection: You can collect different characters, developing levels and getting the most valuable pieces.
  • Become a puzzling expert: With 6 different fields of Arts, Science, History, Entertainment, Sports and Geography, you will be able to show your ingenuity.
  • Create your own group: With group play mode, you can create a group or find a group and join with other players. Here, you and the players in the team can together solve puzzles and receive rewards. Many prizes await you to explore.
  • Graphics: Trivia Crack 2 MOD Apk brings extremely sharp and eye-catching graphics. With its striking colors and simple design, you’ll definitely love this game.
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Trivia Crack 2 includes:

  • Hundreds of thousands of puzzles with varied levels of difficulty for players and their friends to take part in quizzes and receive many exciting gifts.
  • Friendly interface with more than 20 languages in the world, easy to familiarize with the gameplay
  • Millions of players all over the world join in every day so you can challenge them anytime
  • You can also create quizzes to challenge other players
  • Trivia Crack 2 also helps you improve your brain
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Download Trivia Crack 2 MOD Apk

Overall, Trivia Crack 2 brings a whole new level of fun and entertaining gameplay. This will be a popular game that’s suitable for all ages. Currently, the game is being loved by player all world, the number of download of Trivia Crack 2 on Google Play is more than 1 million, although it has just been released. If you like Trivia Crack 2, just click on the link below to download the game to your device. There will be a version of Trivia Crack 2 MOD Apk if you like it.

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