Triple Hearts APK- Sunnyside Games' top strategy game

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Triple Hearts is a brand new strategy card game developed by the developer Sunnyside Games and is being sought by gamers all over the world. This game has just stepped through the pre-registration phase and was released on October 18 recently. As announced, this game is now available for free on Google Play, while the iOS version will be available for a few days. This game is currently in the pre-registration phase and is ready to be released in the coming time. Accordingly, Tripple Hearts is built with extremely attractive tactics, with eye-catching graphics.

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Triple Hearts – Sunnyside Games’ top strategy game

About the gameplay, Triple Hearts was developed in the form of Prime Minister with interesting tactical matches. Players will collect new characters for their collection through the cards, then select the appropriate character to enter the game. The battle in the game is like in the fighting game, there will be 2 main lanes. Players will control up to 3 generals and soldiers to join the battle. In the game, tactics must be meticulous to win the victory over the enemy. In order to win, the player must either destroy the opponent’s two gates or destroy three of their main heroes.

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Therefore, in order to win the game, players must not only have excellent tactics but also a variety of generals to choose for their layout in the battle. Players can choose to practice in the offline mode to practice as well as development their character system. Each of the generals possesses unique fighting skills and also the soldiers’ system. So players need to pay attention to the development of both these characters.

Although the Triple Hearts battle is automatic combat, players are not totally free while fighting. Players will have to watch the whole game, consider the time to drop the troops, choose which general to fight first, the attack position on the map, move the position, … So, every battle of the game is very dramatic. It can be seen that the game Triple Hearts has a quite unique gameplay, which requires players to reasonably develop troops and tactics, customize the team according to the situation, … It’s not as simple as you think.

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As for graphics, the game Triple Hearts also impressed with the very sharp 3D graphics. About the character creation, it will be extremely detailed and eye-catching when being introduced. But in the battle, the character will shrink and show a simpler picture. Generally, the graphics of the game Triple Hearts are not as sharp as other 3D games.

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Here we can see that Triple Hearts offers a very interesting tactical gameplay, and its graphics are nothing special. Once released, this game quickly catches the attention of players around the world. Those who have signed up for Triple Hearts will receive valuable gifts in the game in the next few days. Here is the download link Triple Hearts game for you to choose.

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