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Tom and Jerry is an animated film that we can never forget because it has made so many happy childhood years filled with laughter by the funny Tom and the clever Jerry mouse. And we’ve once brought back so many memories about this film through NetEase‘s game Tom and Jerry in 2015, and this game has become a big hit when it provides the player the chance to get back to their childhood. The good news for those who love this Tom and Jerry game is that NetEase has recently announced that they are going to release the new version of Tom and Jerry 2018 with a lot of new attractions.

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The return of Tom and Jerry with an online version

Tom and Jerry is a mobile game project completed in 2015, but this is just an offline game. And despite the huge popularity of funny gameplay and impressive graphics, Tom and Jerry Jerry 2015 is not too popular and just stop at a simple entertainment game. Recently, NetEase surprisingly once again relaunch this game title with a whole new look, with the ability to connect other players together. It makes Tom and Jerry no longer an offline game yet fully competitive with the hottest online games at the moment thanks to its unique gameplay.

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The gameplay is refreshed

Basically, the game and Tom and Jerry 2018 will still be the familiar level-passing, where players will play the character Jerry to collect cheese, set traps, tease the Tom and finally get to the goal safely and pass the screen. A new feature in the 2018 version is that when players complete the game they will be able to receive various rewards for unlocking many interesting items, as well as unlocking outfits or the new character.

The biggest difference in the online game that Tom and Jerry 2018 shows us through the short trailer, is that players can form different teams, including Jerry Mouse, co-op in many The situation is to tease Tom, using items that are available or collected to complete the game’s mission. Players can also choose to play as the character Tom cat to chase other players, with the same type and in the same way.

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As the 2015 version, Tom and Jerry 2018 received great attention due to the element of childhood memories, accompanied by the nice style of graphics that makes it easy for players to feel the familiarity of this famous film. Tom and Jerry 2018 will surely be a great game in the near future and once again we are writing new stories for these two lovely Tom and Jerry characters. You can try the Tom and Jerry 2018 game through the APK file below or follow up on the latest posts from ApkMod.

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