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TOKYO GHOUL is a famous manga brand in Japan, which is widely known around the world. The brand has been transformed into many other forms of entertainment, such as anime and games, which have achieved remarkable successes. In terms of the mobile game, we have experienced an interesting version called Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War, from the publisher of GameSamba. Recently, a new game inspired by this famous manga series was developed by Bandai Namco and released a few days ago called TOKYO GHOUL [: re birth].

TOKYO GHOUL re birth 1

TOKYO GHOUL [: reborn] will be a non-comic version developed with the role-playing gameplay by the market leader Bandai Namco. The TOKYO GHOUL [: reborn] game is currently available on Google Play for Android devices, while the iOS version is not yet available. Let’s find out what version of TOKYO GHOUL [: re birth] has, whether it can bring success for Bandai Namco or not!

TOKYO GHOUL [: reborn] – Game inspired by Bandai Namco’s manga

The game TOKYO GHOUL [: re birth] has the role-playing gameplay that is quite attractive. Joining the game, your task is to lead your team in the battle against the mad ghouls and regain as many territories as possible! The special feature of this game is the unique but simple fighting system. Each character has certain attack points, and you can command them to attack the enemies just by touching their image on the screen. If you can perform multiple attacks continuously and create powerful combos! Not only that, each character also has a unique special attack that is extremely different.

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The highlight of TOKYO GHOUL [: re birth] that every player interests is the maximum number of characters that you can add to your team. There are more than 100 characters available, including many familiar faces from manga and anime such as Ken Kaneki, Kisho Arima. In addition, they are constantly updated so you always have the freshest experience.

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You will see familiar characters from the Tokyo Ghoul such as Ken Kaneki, Kisho Arima and many other celebrities from the first two seasons of the anime. Besides, they are designed in detail both in motion and appearance so you will have the feeling that they step out from the familiar manga.

It is not a high-end graphics game, but TOKYO GHOUL [: reborn] still impresses with its unique graphics. With excellent graphics combining both 2D and 3D elements, namely 2D illustrations with 3D models, the game will deliver crisp, crisp images that give players the same gaming experience as watching Anime.

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Download TOKYO GHOUL [: re birth] APK

Overall, the game TOKYO GHOUL [: reborn] with interesting gameplay along with the graphics combined of 2D and 3D, will be a high-quality game that Bandai Namco brings us this time. Now that the game has officially released, you just need to click on the link below to download this game and experience.

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