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Tokyo Ghoul Dark War 1


  • Publisher: GameSamba
  • Platforms: Android 4.3+ iOS 8.0+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 97M
  • Latest Version: 1.2.7
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: May 3, 2019

The Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War’s official version has finally released to the game world so that all gamers can experience it easily. Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War was originally developed by GameSamba developer and allows players to pre-register on Google Play and AppStore. However, it was not until now that the game was officially released in the English version so that it can become an international hit game. This is an officially licensed game based on the famous anime Tokyo Ghoul series and has been invested by GameSamba for a long time. Thus it will definitely be a great game. The most obvious evidence show that fact is the number of pre-registration of the game Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is numerous.

Tokyo Ghoul Dark War 1

Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War- The international version has been officially released

The content of the game

The game Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War based on the extremely famous Japanese anime, Tokyo Ghoul. Recalling a little about the Tokyo Ghoul, in case you don’t know, this is the long-awaited Japanese manga written by Sui Ishida, which has been adapted to fit the Japanese animated films of 2014. And this product has also been released in the US, Canada by FUNimation. From then on, the Tokyo Ghoul has been used by many film studios and gaming studios to tap into the theme of their products.

Tokyo Ghoul Dark War 2

When it comes to the game Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War, gamers will experience a fierce battle between humans and ghouls, where the bloody battles have occurred. The series, as well as the game, will allow the player to take the role of the main character Ken Kaneki, who is a normal college student. He is gentle and passionate in reading. But due to an incident, Kaneki is transplanted from a dead bloodthirsty demon, from which Ken Kaneki struggles to live in a half-human/half-demon body. He has even to join the demon world and destroy the enemies.

Tokyo Ghoul Dark War 3

Role-playing gameplay

About the gameplay, this game is developed under the action role-playing genre (ARPG). Coming to the game, the player will recruit up to three members into the formation and switch back in the battle. You will control the character moving with the virtual joystick and hit with virtual keys which are integrated on the screen. This controlling system is quite familiar. Your first game will naturally be the storyline with the quests and challenges set for you to complete.

In addition to the familiar plot mode, Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War APK also features the PvP Arena which allows players to engage in real-time battles with other players and gain the highest rank and also get the most valuable in-game rewards. Besides, in the upcoming update, the game also has MOBA mode 1v1, 3v3 and 5v5 extremely attractive

Tokyo Ghoul Dark War 4

Character system

In addition, the Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War also possesses an incredibly diverse number of up to 50 people with extremely familiar faces in the Tokyo Ghoul such as Ken Kaneki, Touka Kirishima, Rize Kamishiro … to players. They can be all recruited into the squad by completing daily tasks, overcoming obstacles or collecting rewards from challenging spots. In addition, each character can enhance their equipment, upgrade their skills to increase their strength, and help them win more and more enemies.

Graphics and sound

In addition, the background in Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is also designed to be extremely eye-catching with the anime style to help players easily immersed in the plot with full of excitement. The character creation or every other detail in the game is well invested with a sharp 3D graphic. In addition, the soundtrack system incorporates the sound effects in each fighting phases of the game will give the player the alive experience.

Download Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War APK

Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War APK is a Japanese horror-themed role-playing game based on the manga as well as the well-known anime series of the same name. Thus it will certainly be a great game. The game is now officially released and you can experience the full game features of Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War. Here are the Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War versions for you to choose from.

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