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App NameTOHU
Publisher Fireart Games
Require8.0 and up
MOD InfoOffline Patched

TOHU is an attractive puzzle adventure role-playing game on mobile; the game possesses cute hand-drawn graphics and challenging gameplay.

TOHU – An Attractive Hand-Drawn Graphics Game

In the current 4.0 technology era, most PC, console, or mobile games use common graphics platforms such as unity or unreal engine to help them own the most realistic and quality frames. But not because of that; hand-drawn graphics games lose their place; on the contrary, appearing among the majority of 3D graphics games makes these titles stand out and different.


Tohu is a Point & Click puzzle game with extremely elaborate hand-drawn graphics. The game is a product of the studio Fireart Games and published by The Irregular Corporation. The game launched earlier this year on platforms such as Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Google Stadia, XBOX ONE, and recently the game was released on the Android platform surprisingly.

The game’s plot mainly revolves around a mysterious girl named TOHU and her robot personality, Cubus. Gamers will help Tohu, and Cubus save the island where they live and find out the truth about TOHU’s self.

Using 2D hand-drawn graphics, Fireart Games has drawn beautiful animations for TOHU. Every detail is drawn quite meticulously, covered with easy-to-see colors, creating an overall picture that is very eye-catching for gamers to experience.


In the distant universe, planets exist as giant fish. They swim in a huge ocean covered with stars. It was a quiet night, the fish planets were sleeping peacefully. Out of the darkness suddenly appeared a strange creature from the mysterious black box. He came to this world with the sole purpose of destroying everything. Our unnamed protagonist, known as The Girl, who plays the hero will stand up to protect the peace of the fish planet she lives on.

She must travel to Tohu, venturing into the interstellar fish habitat in search of the doodles, the key to solving problems. During your journey, the strange man in a black hood is always watching you. He is trying to thwart your plan. Will The Girl be able to protect her fish planet from the evil plots of the man in black? it depends on you.


The game revolves around a girl who can transform into a mechanical substitute called Cubus has incredible strength, giving it the power to lift and move large objects. Both of these abilities will come in handy as you navigate the strange worlds in front of you. Tohu brings players fascinating experiences and challenging puzzles.

Tohu is a traditional point-and-click game in the vein of the best LucasArts adventure games. Accordingly, the player will take control of the little girl and direct her around locations by clicking on that face or surrounding objects. Your main aim is to help this little girl and her clone save the universe.

To do that, you need to gather special items, solve puzzles, and interact with a wide cast of wacky characters. In particular, when players dig deeper into Tohu’s story, they will discover more about this odd universe, its origins, and profound truths about the self.

You can completely switch between the two main characters at any time just by clicking on the current avatar.

Difficult Puzzles in the Game

Many puzzles spring out of the environment; you need to solve puzzles to access new areas. Puzzles in the game have many genres, such as standalone logic puzzles like gear or pipe circuits that must be completed with limited connections.

There are also pattern challenges, which must be observed and repeated in different rooms or circumstances. You’ll even encounter symbol-based combination locks, and time-travel puzzles, etc.

In particular, there are two types of the most challenging puzzle game, the Container Puzzle and the River Crossing Puzzle. For the Container puzzle, the player needs to arrive at a particular liquid measurement using two unequal containers. For the River Crossing Puzzle, this is an ancient logic problem. To solve this puzzle, the player needs to transport three entities across a river, but neither can be left alone with one of the others.

It was easy to see that Tohu was a game compared stuffed full of distinctive takes on classic puzzle styles; it was disappointing to see a pair of over-used retreads thrown in.

Interesting Mini-games

For the most part, these mini-games are easy to overcome, be it simple rotating mazes or re-assembling the pieces of a shattered mirror. But midway through, you might run into a rather annoying game, which is you have to play the mole as hammers come down, indicated by shadows, in larger numbers, and at faster speeds.

Only surviving three rounds will you be able to continue; otherwise, you will stay where you are. Then, with just one blow, you can die! There is no pattern to memorize and no way to bypass it. You bang your head against it until it’s finished.

Visual & Soundtrack

Visually, TOHU transports players to a beautifully animated world filled with animals, landscapes, and mechanically themed characters. This makes it easy for players to imagine themselves in a surreal fantasy world.

The animation of the little girl is also specially designed, including walking, climbing, and interactive actions that are very charming and funny. In addition, each world she traverses is designed with a consistent theme, from the sweltering confines of Junkle’s workshop to the cold snow of a tundra planet.

At the same time, the game is also integrated with the soft and melodious background music of the piano that makes the player feel light and calm in contrast to its visually cluttered environment.

In addition, the clicking and squeaking of machines will rise to that gentle sound. There is very little dialogue in the game, as most characters make expressive sounds, such as soft moans, to communicate. Besides, there is no tree of dialogue or choice, as any conversation is largely instructive or instructive as it happens.



Overall, Tohu is a great adventure game that will definitely suit those who love point-and-click titles. In particular, the game is now available on Android for you to enjoy. So what are you waiting for? Quickly download and explore this mechanical world!

Tohu is currently not officially released on the Play Store. However you can download and install it for free at our blog.

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