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Toca Life World MOD APK (All Unlocked) 1.66.3

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Is it your dream to live in a world where you can do whatever you want without permission? Try to immerse yourself in the cute world and do whatever you want with Toca Life World.

About Toca Life World Game

Toca Life World is designed to stimulate children’s imagination and learn more about the outside world. In this world, you will play from the mindless perspective of a child. You can be creative and do whatever you love or be anyone in the future. The special thing is that you shape your style from a baby, an adult, or even an elderly person. Besides, this cute world also revolves around the same facilities as the real world. All places from supermarkets, schools, hospitals, amusement parks, etc are available in this mini world. Players are free to create stories with their favorite characters anywhere. With the cuteness of this free world, sometimes even adults want to play this game.

Toca Life World is a product of Toca Boca, a children’s game development company based in the United States. On Play Store you can easily find a lot of games from this developer, all of them are for kids. Games from Toca Boca are always appreciated for their cute graphics and gameplay that are completely suitable for children’s intellectual development. And Toca Life World is such a product.

Toca Life World_mod-apk

Lots of places to explore

Toca Life World is designed to help children learn more about the outside world. Therefore, it can be seen that this mini world offers a full range of diverse locations for players to explore. A big mall with all the clothes, gadgets or services needed. A ski area full of diverse games to experience with friends. An amusement park with interesting games to keep you entertained. Many real areas are also added for players to enjoy to the fullest.

In addition, each version of Toca Life World also brings a new location subdivision. If you want to play in more locations, you need to pay to buy these zones. It will expand new play areas for you to explore the vast world. Each time you buy, you will have more places to have fun, more characters to choose from.

The unique and diverse character system

There are not any pre-made and fixed characters for the player. You are allowed to create the characters you like without any restrictions. The system of accessories and character decoration in this game is very diverse. You can change the character’s clothes, hair, expressions, facial features, skin color, etc. Usually, you have 8 pre-made blank character templates available to you.

Besides the main characters, the system of secondary characters appearing in locations is equally attractive. The supporting characters will be designed with fixed costumes. However, you are free to change it any time you like. The game also allows you to use secondary characters to perform some actions for the main character.

Toca Life World_characters
All characters in Toca Life World

The number of pets is large and diverse

Players not only enjoy the character system or location but also immerse themselves with cute pets. The pet system in the game is very diverse and interesting. You can find a dog with a variety of colors, a cat with different coats, a monkey, a panda, etc. Moreover, when touching them, their expressions are also very Diversity. If you go to the zoo, you will see even more adorable animals. A special feature in the game is that for small animals, you can bring them home. You can add pet supplies at your home. In addition, there is a separate pet care system for you to take better care of them.

Build emotions with personal stories

Toca Life World opens an open world for players to create their own stories and express personal feelings. Players are free to create their own stories at any location. Besides, you can use the character as a tool to serve your story. In the latest versions, characters are also added to express emotions.

This feature gives children the freedom to find the right emotions. These may be emotions that children want to express but cannot express. Besides, these expressions are also diverse enough to refresh for each interesting situation. For example, when you do crazy hair, you will have fun. Or when you have a sad event, you can change to feeling sad. This is an opportunity for players to freely express their virtual emotions.

Design the house according to personal aesthetic

Not only gives you the freedom to work, eat or shop at the game areas, this game also enhances creativity when you decorate your home. At the beginning of the game, you will be provided with an empty house for you to freely decorate. This is the place for you to rest after a tiring day of activities. Decorative items are available for you to complete the design for the house. This is a detail for players to express their creativity. Also, if you want more unique decorations or a new house, you need to upgrade your game’s version.

Gifts every week

Every week, players can receive surprises from Toca Life World. It can be a new set of clothes, an item for your home, a food item, etc. These gifts are randomly given to you so you never know what it is. With donated items, you can use them instead of going to the store to buy new items. To receive these gifts, play the game every week so you don’t miss out.

MOD APK of Toca Life World

MOD features

Unlock All: As we mentioned, Toca Life World is a free game but there are quite a few features in the game that you need to pay real money to unlock. There are some new locations and exclusive items that you need to pay for before using. Don’t worry because the mod version of the game we provide in this article has unlocked all the content in the game. It means you can visit every location and try on every outfit in the game for free.


A miniature world full of real locations, cute characters, or adorable pets is waiting for you to explore. Do not hesitate any longer without downloading Toca Life World right away and enjoy the great things.

Download Toca Life World MOD APK (All Unlocked) 1.66.3

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