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Time Raiders

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App NameTime Raiders
Publisher Yoozoo (Singapore) Pte. Ltd
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Time Riders is an adventure game about going back in time that puts players in the middle of historical events and ancient cultures. The game takes place in a parallel universe where time travel is possible, and players take on the role of a Time Rider, a member of an elite team whose job is to keep history from being changed.

The gameplay

Time Riders is divided into two main activities: exploration and combat. In the first part, players can explore different historical periods and locations, such as ancient Egypt, medieval Europe, and World War II. They can interact with historical figures and learn about the culture and customs of each era. As they play the game, players will learn about a complicated plot involving bad guys who travel through time and try to change history for their benefit.

In the second, to protect history and stop the villains, players engage in real-time combat. Players can use swords, guns, and powers that change the flow of time, among other things, to fight off enemies in this game. The combat is fast-paced and requires quick reflexes and strategic thinking.

Other activities

  • Team up with other players to defeat bosses: Gather a reliable team and fight against all kinds of undead creatures and ghosts.
  • Find historical treasures: Find hidden treasures, use your special vision to make sure they are real, and fight zombies.
  • Create all kinds of new devices: The best equipment determines whether you win or lose. What weapons will you rely on?
  • No regrets: Say goodbye to games where you can’t change classes! You can start as an unstoppable boxer and change into a shooter, or even a mage!
  • Experience a deep, engaging story: Mysterious zombie density, dangerous zombie blood catacombs, there are countless new places to explore.

Key features

Attention to historical accuracy is one of the game’s defining characteristics. The game’s developers have performed an extensive study to assure the accuracy of the depicted events, individuals, and locations. This makes the game more interesting for history fans because it teaches them something.

The game’s branching storyline is another essential element. Depending on what choices the player makes, the story can go in many different directions. This gives the game entertainment value and encourages players to try out different ways to play and different endings.


In the end, Time Riders is a fun and interesting game that mixes adventure, action, and history. It is a unique and interesting game because it is true to history and has a story that can go in different directions. The combination of exploration and combat provides a satisfying and engaging gameplay experience.

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