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Time Pact 1

X-Legend Entertainment is a very well-known game developer from Taiwan, who recently released a new exciting role-playing game called Time Pact. This is a traditional role-playing game with a whole body of young and attractive girls. The game is now being completed and waiting for the official release date. Although Time Pact is a game developed by the Taiwanese manufacturer, it will be released for the first time in Japan. The producer chose the Japanese market because of the previous titles X-Legend Entertainment has repeatedly succeeded in this market.

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Recalling a bit about X-Legend Entertainment, the producer who has been very successful with many popular PC game titles such as Aura Kingdom, Grand Fantasia and Twin Saga with a common theme of cute Anime design. However, the manufacturer has not reached any product to the international market, especially European countries. Here ApkMod will review the game Time Pact Apk.

Time Pact – New role-playing game from Taiwan

Content and gameplay

In terms of content, the game Time Pact Apk is set in the fictional future world, where the main character will be through another dimension, fighting alongside the beautiful female characters in the mission of rescuing the world. We can say this is quite attractive content for players to go deep into the plot. In terms of gameplay, Time Pact has also developed a familiar gameplay style with RPGs such as PvP, PvE, or Boss Raid with other players to gain valuable in-game rewards. With PvE mode, players will need to complete missions and follow the game’s storyline. In real-time PvP mode, all players have the opportunity to meet each other to fight.

Time Pact 3

Graphics and sound

A unique point that has not been mentioned in the game Time Pact Apk is the graphics. The game is based on modern 3D graphics. With state-of-the-art imaging technology, every scene in the game’s details is created vividly with sharp visual quality. Especially the style of the Anime style is extremely cute with the beautiful girl, seductive. The characters in Time Pact just include the beautiful girl like step out from the comic, promising to attract a large number of male fans from Japan.

Time Pact 1

Download Time Pact (MOD Apk) for Android, iOS latest version

In general, the game Time Pact does not have a prominent gameplay because it is not really different from other role-playing games, but its graphics can impress the player very much. Surely Time Pact will be the most searched name in the coming time. Currently, the game has not been released the official version, ApkMod will update the latest information as well as the fastest download link for you.

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