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TIDAL Music MOD APK (Unlocked/ Plus) 2.100.0

App NameTIDAL Music
Publisher TIDAL
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlocked/ Plus
Get it onGoogle Play
  • STEP 1: Use a VPN and set it to USA server (even if your country is supported) when creating an account inside the app.
  • STEP 2: Once completed, select your 3 artists then continue.
  • STEP 3: Upon selecting subscription, tap the “Free” tab and then continue.
  • STEP 4: You can now use the app together with the mod features without a VPN as long as you use to sign in the free-tier account.

NOTE: HiFi and Master Audio Quality are server-sided.

When it comes to the best high-quality music players on the market, TIDAL Music is always at the top of the search. This mobile music player is ready to satisfy all music lovers. The latest mod version of the Tidal Music app for Android is available on our blog, are you ready to get it for free now?


Listening to music is one of the simplest and most effective ways to relax. Music brings us positive emotions and many other good things. It is an effective remedy to soothe broken souls. As long as you want to listen to something, there are always songs with melody that match your mood.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, music is now more accessible than ever. We can easily enjoy our favorite music right on our smart mobile devices through music streaming services. All you need is a smartphone with an internet connection and a compatible music streaming service, and you can bring the world of music around you.

Streaming music online is a competitive market. Spotify and Apple Music are currently the most popular platforms for those looking for music streaming services. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities for young brands. The competition of the platforms increases the quality of service and the users benefit from it. TIDAL Music is one of the few services participating in this race. Despite being a young platform, it offers great musical experiences that we bet you can’t resist.

TIDAL Music MOD APK download

About TIDAL Music

TIDAL Music is an application that provides high-quality online music. This music player integrates a rich music and entertainment video store. It is pretty popular in Europe and America and some parts of Asia. Users can listen to multi-genre music on many devices anytime, anywhere. Its most notable feature is the top-notch music quality with a music streaming service developed by Jay-Z. In particular, the FLAC music it provides will give you the ultimate music listening experience. Also, it allows you to listen to music both online/offline. With this music quality advantage, it can compete with other competitors such as Spotify and Apple Music.

Although it was released in 2014, Tidal became widely known only after being heavily promoted by Jay Z at a popular music event. One of the highlights of this service is that it offers copyrighted music in a transmission quality that surpasses the rest.

Massive high-quality music store

TIDAL Music offers music enthusiasts a massive library of up to 80 million songs. Also, it provides many 350K+ music videos from old to newest. All videos and songs are in high quality and resolution, giving you the feeling of listening to a live concert. Moreover, its vast music store even offers rare genres of music.

Whether the songs are trending in your country or another, you can find them on this mobile music player. Plus, songs and MVs are constantly updated daily. So you don’t have to worry about missing out on the latest HITS on the music market. With the variety in this music genre, no matter how meticulous you are, you will be satisfied with what it has to offer.

Copyrighted Music

The songs on this music platform are all copyrighted products. All of them are provided by genuine album publishers like Lykke Li (Indie), Baccara (Europop), Amorphis (Metal), etc. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the quality and copyright of these songs. A song that wants to be posted on this platform must meet many standards. Some of the criteria are MQA, hi-fi audio, 360 Reality Audio, etc. With such a guarantee of quality, this mobile music player is considered an ideal alternative to Google Play Music.

Music genre recommendation

TIDAL Music will not let you waste time thinking about what to listen to today. It will introduce you to many different music genres, from the oldest to the most popular. You can quickly select your favorite songs without spending too much time searching. Besides, it offers many ideal search utilities. Every time you enter keywords about a song, multiple suggestions will appear.

Moreover, it also remembers your search habits to give the most accurate recommendations. Based on the searches you have created, a playlist of songs according to your preferences will be formed. These preferences suggestions will surprise you with their relevance. In addition, the tool offers playlists according to the weather, events of the year, or even different seasons.

TIDAL Music features

Immersive audio formats

TIDAL Music does not provide a single music playback format. Instead, you can choose from various music playback formats, including MQA, Dolby Atmos, 360 Reality Audio. The songs released on this platform all come in Lossless quality. Therefore, you can convert them to enjoy as Hi-Res or Master Quality Authenticated. The music quality of these formats is so realistic that you’re listening to music from a professional studio. It shows the harmony of all three bands or even the soundstage depth, giving you the most comfortable feeling. However, to freely choose your favorite music format, you must upgrade your account.

Not only suggesting the hottest songs on the market, but TIDAL Music will also recommend the best albums to you. These albums all have their place on the global charts. Moreover, they are also changed every day to meet your music listening needs. Especially when you become a monthly member, it will always introduce you to the latest albums of A-list singers. With this feature, you don’t need to update news about new songs constantly. Best.

My Mix and My Video Mix

Similar to Spotify or Apple Music, you are free to create mixes according to your music preferences. TIDAL Music allows you to add your favorite songs to the playlist and give them a name. It does not limit the number of lists you can create. Therefore, you can add to your favorite songs and listen to them every day. The same goes for videos. It allows you to create a list of your favorite videos to watch whenever.

TIDAL Rising

If other online music services always want to focus on famous artists to promote their brands, Tidal pays more attention to young or lesser-known artists. Visit the TIDAL Rising option in the Explore tab to find emerging songs from young artists.

You will definitely spend a lot of time here if you love strange and less popular music. Suggestions at TIDAL Rising vary based on your music preferences and playing history.

Multiple devices listening support

If the phone’s speakers don’t satisfy you, switch to listening to music on other devices. This music app allows you to connect to various devices, including TVs, speakers, or Amazon Alexa. You can choose to connect and enjoy music on these devices at any time.

The difference between Tidal and the rest comes from the sound quality is outstanding. For standard members, Tidal allows to stream music at 160kbps quality. Meanwhile the paid plans offer amazingly superior sound quality that can go up to 9216kbps. It really is the perfect choice for those who want to seriously enjoy music on high-end audio equipment. With Hifi and Hifi Plus membership packages, the sound quality on Tidal is absolutely many times better than on Spotify and Apple Music. Below is information about the paid membership packages on this service:

HiFi – Listen to music the way it’s meant to sound

  • HiFi Quality Sound: Up to 1411 kbps
  • 80M+ songs and 350K+ videos
  • Ad-free
  • Listen offline with unlimited skips
  • TIDAL Connect
  • Listen in HiFi on your supported devices.
  • Track and share your listening habits
  • Expert curated playlists

HiFi Plus- Make your listening count.

  • Innovative Audio Formats (Up to 9216 kbps)
  • Master Quality audio, Dolby Atmos, Sony 360 Reality Audio, and HiFi
  • 80M+ songs and 350K+ videos
  • Ad-free
  • Listen offline with unlimited skips
  • TIDAL Connect
  • Listen in all innovative and immersive audio formats on your supported devices
  • Direct Artist Payouts
  • Up to 10% of your subscription is directed to the artists you listen to the most
  • Fan-Centered Royalties
  • Coming in 2022
  • The artists you stream get paid based on your streaming habits
  • Track and share how your listening habits impact your favorite artists
  • Expert curated playlists


MOD info

  • Unlimited Skips
  • Can Skip BWD/FWD
  • Can Seek BWD/FWD
  • Can Play Any Songs
  • Can Play Any Playlists
  • Can Play Any Albums
  • Can Play Any Music Video
  • Can Download Playlists/Albums/Music Videos
  • Can Play Offline Downloaded Playlists/Albums/Music Videos
  • Unlocked Lyrics
  • Unlocked Suggested Tracks
  • Unlocked Track Info
  • Disabled DRM Restrictions
  • Disabled Audio & Visual Ads

NOTE: HiFi and Master Audio Quality are server-sided. So you cannot use it for free in this mod.

How to install and use the mod

  1. Download APK file then install it as normal.
  2. Use a VPN set to USA (even your country is supported) when creating an account inside the app.
  3. Once complete, select your 3 artist then continue.
  4. Upon selecting the plan, choose “Free Subscription” then continue.
  5. You can now use the mod features without a VPN as long as you use or sign in the recently created account.


Enjoying high-quality music is the desire of many music enthusiasts. TIDAL Music is here to bring you exclusive songs on captivating Hi-Fi sound. Download this app and immerse yourself in the world of music right away.

Download TIDAL Music MOD APK (Unlocked/ Plus) 2.100.0

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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