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The King of Fighters GO 1

The AR game is now being considered one of the hottest game trends ever. It has been the main product of so many game developers and is the most desired game all over the world. How come? It’s a super attractive game that is completely different from any other types of games. The leading game in this trend of every time, of course, the great Pokemon GO that has caused the longest trend in recent years. And recently, there is another blockbuster that uses the virtual reality technology called The King of Fighters GO.

The King of Fighters GO 1

Introducing King of Fighters GO – SNK’s new AR game

Right from the name of The King of Fighters GO, it has shown how this game content is. You probably already know about SNK’s greatest fighting games – The King of Fighters. And The King of Fighters GO is based on the familiar character system of this previous series with the modern attractive AR technology.

The King of Fighters GO 2

You can easily guess the gameplay of The King of Fighters GO. It will allow players to hunt the KOFO characters everywhere and take them to fight. Thanks to this new AR game, iconic characters from the KOF series such as Iori Yagami, Terry Bogard, and Mai Shiranui will appear at any time next to you. It’s also where you need to defeat and win over them, take them into your squad

The King of Fighters GO 3

Like Pokemon GO, with the GPS feature, gamers and KOF fans can randomly catch the characters on the road and in many real-world locations. The characters in the game will be dubbed as the original version as well as their special skills and strength that many players are familiar with. In the battles between the characters, players can actively seek out their opponents through real-time PvP battles or fight on the street if they meet opponents. Players will have to constantly develop their character with the special items and bonuses received while playing the game.

In conclusion

Currently, The King of Fighters GO is entering the testing phase for iOS users. However, as it was developed and released based on the collaboration between SNK and Game One – a company from China, the current trial version only appears in this country. Let’s wait and see what it will be like, whether it can be successful or not! Just visit ApkMod regularly to get the latest news of The King of Fighters GO.

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