Download THE GALAXY: SURVIVOR MOD APK V0.0.9a Free for Android

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  • Publisher: Invictus Studio
  • Platforms: Android 4.1+
  • Price: $3.99 (Apk Free)
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 81M
  • Latest Version: 0.0.9a
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: February 10, 2019

Survival games are still very popular around the world. So there are a lot of creative ideas for this game. Today we continue to introduce you to a very exciting survival game, and of course, it is not as simple as other common survival games today. It is THE GALAXY: SURVIVOR.


THE GALAXY: SURVIVOR was developed by Invictus Studio, released last October, supports both Android and iOS platforms. However, this will be a costly game, not free such as the survival games such as Rules Of Survival, PUBG Mobile, Quantum Special Attack, … But we will have a free version for you at the end of this article. Accordingly, THE GALAXY: SURVIVOR has a familiar gameplay but combined with features of the FPS series and the sandbox. To learn more about this game, you can refer to our below article.

THE GALAXY: SURVIVOR MOD APK – Survive on the new planets

The game content

About the background, THE GALAXY: SURVIVOR’ space takes place in a galaxy of five planets, each one is two kilometers in size and having distinctly different characteristics. Here, everyone will begin their journey to explore the world and to survive. Still the familiar mechanism, players will find ways to survive in this game, knock down all the other players to become the winner.


The play of survival

THE GALAXY: SURVIVOR MOD APK is a well-known survival game, but it will not like PUBG in term of view. It has only the first view mode, a feature of the FPS series.  Getting involved in the game, players will be able to move freely across the planet without any rules. The first thing in any survival game that players need to do is to start looking for resources, gather resources to build tents, vehicles, weapons … In the game, it will have the weather system, day and night, the environment in different planets, the dangerous animals … Thus while exploring and gathering, players will face many difficulties and dangers.


In these planet’s environments, the player must be subtle. Just keep an eye on everything necessary for this survival time, anything in this environment has its own uses. Players also have to create important things such as food farms, mineral drill bits to make other types of supporting machines.

Bringing the freedom through the sandbox elements, the game will let players create their own rules and styles of play, which is not too constrained in the set rules of the game. As you gather material, you will face a great deal of danger from strange animals, so you need to equip yourself with the best weapons.


Sharp graphics

As soon as you look at the images in this article, or you open the game THE GALAXY: SURVIVOR, you will see it possesses a really impressive graphics. With state of the art imaging technology, an extremely sharp 3D graphics was created for THE GALAXY: SURVIVOR. The images in the game are built with high realism, with even the weather effects and daytime, night time. Players can feel the beauty of this game through the tips of grass, branches to the smallest things. In particular, the image of the game is so strange because it is entirely from new planets, not form the Earth.

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Overall, THE GALAXY: SURVIVOR MOD APK is pretty impressive both in gameplay and graphics. We can say that this is a really thrilling survival game that you should not miss and it is totally worth $ 2.99 you spend for the game. However, if you do not want to spend that money and play the game easier, we will bring you a version of THE GALAXY: SURVIVOR Apk Free, which will cost you no money. You can choose to download THE GALAXY: SURVIVOR MOD Apk Free from the link below to experience it.

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