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The Day After Tomorrow 2

NetEase is the developer who has released the most survival games so far. Firstly, they developed games based on PUBG or Fortnite, but now the developer has created many unique survival games. Recently, they have Cyber Hunter, Quantum Special Attack or Operation Stormy Island. Recently, they continue to release a new extremely attractive survival game called The Day After Tomorrow.

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The Day After Tomorrow was developed a long time ago and is now complete and released on the iOS platform, and the Android version will be released in a few days after that. It will have a completely new style, not to copy any other game. It is said to create a blockbuster for NetEase in the coming time. Specifically, The Day After Tomorrow will bring a survival gameplay that combines the horror elements, bringing a whole new experience. In this article, APKMazon will show you the game The Day After Tomorrow’s highlight features and how to download it offline!

Introducing The Day After Tomorrow – NetEase’s thrilling survival game

The plot of the game

The game opens up a virtual world where the Earth is at risk of extinction by the Zombie pandemic. It’s unclear what kind of chemical poison or virus, that people everywhere are infected with a strange disease then turned into bloodthirsty zombies. Anyone who is attacked by them will transform into Zombies. The disease spreads very quickly and causes an epic crisis. They wander around, just see people are they chase and bite, kill. With just a few survivors in the world, with no resources to fight the monsters, without help, they have to rely on each other to survive and enter the zombie hunt. And you will be one of those survivors, who have to find ways to survive in this world and destroy the bloodthirsty Zombie.

The Day After Tomorrow 2

Interesting gameplay

Entering the game, you will act as a character to begin the journey of adventure in The Day After Tomorrow. Your task is to kill all the zombies before they can attack other living creatures. We call it missions but it’s actually what you must do to survive from this Zombie pandemic. To do so, you will have to collect weapons, essential items such as food, clothes, water … appearing on the way. In order to collect these items, you need to go to dangerous places where bloody zombies appear.

You will have to develop levels for the character, the game will not limit the level so you can constantly upgrade the character. Just track down and kill as many zombies as you can, and you will get experience to level up. In addition to supporting items and weapons to attack Zombie, you also have to make the drug to fight the virus from the zombies.

The Day After Tomorrow 3

If you choose the single player mode, this will be a horror and thrilling journey. But you can choose other attractive game modes are the team playing, and many other players will come to the rescue of the world with you. In this mode, players in the same team will help each other in survival, destroying Zombies. However, the difficulty is not only from the zombies, but you also have to scramble for the necessary items with other teams.

Live graphics

The Day After Tomorrow was invested by NetEase with very sharp 3D graphics. The pictures in the game show up with high quality and realistic colors. In particular, the visual style is designed in the horror style, with dark colors, so The Day After Tomorrow is just like a horror game. Combining with visual effects, The Day After Tomorrow gives you the experience like watching a horror movie about Zombie. Moreover, the Zombie and character design is also an impressive point that many players highly appreciate in this game.

The Day After Tomorrow 4

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Download The Day After Tomorrow APK

The Day After Tomorrow brings a thrilling horror gameplay that will create a big hit for NetEase, not a fake one anymore. Certainly, The Day After Tomorrow will be a popular game in the coming time. After a long time of waiting, it is now officially released, you can experience it right now. Here is the download link of The Day After Tomorrow for you to choose.

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