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Teslagrad 1


  • Publisher: Playdigious
  • Platforms: Android 5.0+
  • Price: $5.99 ( Apk Free)
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 285M
  • Latest Version: 1.8
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: December 1, 2018

Teslagrad – Attractive adventurous puzzle-style game

Teslagrad is a famous adventure game many years ago, which is known by so many gamers around the world. This game was developed by Rain Games and released for Steam on December 13, 2013; on the Nintendo eShop for the Wii U on September 11, 2014; and on the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 on the 3rd December 2014 in Europe. Since then, this game has been favored by many people, the number of download on PC and console has grown super fast.

Teslagrad 1

Recognizing the success of Teslagrad on various platforms, the Playdigious publisher has decided to buy the license from Rain Games to release the mobile version of Teslagrad. And Teslagrad was officially released a few days ago on Google Play for $ 5.99 (discounted). If you’re wondering why this game is so expensive, just read the review below. If you do not want to spend money on this game, you can choose our version of Teslagrad Apk Free.

The plot of the game

The game will bring players to a kingdom called Elektropia. Here, the king rules the whole kingdom with an iron fist. A cult of technological wizards is erected, with a huge tower in the middle of the city called Teslagrad and the king are fighting against them. The name Teslagrad was built from a name and a word – the inventor Tesla and Slavic Grad.

Teslagrad 2

Until one day, an orphan boy found himself being chased by the king’s guards, the boy accidentally fled into a deserted tower without knowing that he had just entered a dangerous adventure. Here the boy will discover the history of the conflict, and he must find a way out. In the process of finding the way, he will get to know a lot of secrets and stories about this place. Joining the game Teslagrad, the player will control the boy getting through puzzles and traps to get out of the tower.

Teslagrad 3

Puzzle-style adventure gameplay

In terms of gameplay, Teslagrad has a 2D platform with action elements like the original PC and console version. The player will control the character as a boy and begins his journey of exploring the mysteries, the story of a kingdom ruled by the iron fist. Accordingly, magnetism and other electromagnetic energies are the keys for players to rely on and navigate throughout the game’s maps. So players will gradually explore the secrets kept in the abandoned Tesla tower long ago. The task of the player in the game is not simply to solve those puzzles but sometimes to fight.

Teslagrad 4

In order to move to important places, you will need the necessary items such as the key. The keys will scatter everywhere, players will find ways to find it so as to open the door. While finding the key, there are a lot of pitfalls, so players must collect weapons to fight against them. The characters can move in many different directions, depending on the terrain. In general, Teslagrad’s gameplay is similar to that of another popular game called Diamond Rush.

Main features:

  • Excellent 2D graphics thanks to the careful hand-made design
  • A fascinating gameplay with different unlocking mechanisms, challenging the player’s intelligence
  • Fight the bosses in the tower to reach the desired location
  • The control system is simple, easy to play and also supports the connection of external controllers
  • Easy gaming without an Internet connection

Classic graphics

The Teslagrad mobile version is said to be able to make a big difference with realistic 3D graphics thanks to its modern imaging technology. However, developers have chosen classic 2D graphics like the original Teslagrad. They want to bring Teslagrad’s familiar experience into the mobile platform. Thanks to this simple graphics, the Teslagrad gameplay is quite light, which can be played on most kinds of smartphone without high configuration.

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Download Teslagrad APK Free

Teslagrad mobile version is identical to the original PC version released in 2013, with only one difference in the controlling mechanism that is changed to fit the mobile platform. However, you can also connect an external controller to experience this game. Here is a game download link from Google Play for $ 5.99 and a Teslagrad APK Free version for you to choose. With this version, you will not have to spend any money.

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