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If you are looking for a cloud storage service that can replace Google Drive, TeraBox is the choice you should consider. This app will give you 1024GB of free cloud storage with unlimited usage time.

What is Cloud Storage?

The explosive development of technology has changed the way people store digital files. In the past, we needed bulky external hard drives to store data, now things have changed. We can easily manage all our personal files right on our smartphones through a cloud service. So do you really understand how this technology is working? Let’s see.

Cloud storage is a concept that refers to the act of storing, organizing, managing, sharing, and backing up data on a storage system other than a hard drive. This service is provided by a third party. It allows customers to access all their files remotely from anywhere, as long as there is a network connection.

Simply put, instead of storing your data on external hard drives, you can keep it safe on cloud services without the need for a storage device. You use the internet to connect to this cloud service, then access your files anywhere.

One piece of advice for those looking for a hosting service is to choose reputable brands. We can mention some big names in this field such as Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, MEGA, and TeraBox.

TeraBox MOD APK Download

About Terabox: Cloud Storage Space

If Google Drive only offers 15GB of free storage for users, the number that TeraBox supports is many times higher. Renamed from Dubox, this cloud storage service provides a massive capacity of up to 1TB (1024GB). You can easily upload data and share them with others. Just log in to your account and connect to the internet; you can make backups anytime, anywhere. Also, you don’t need to do manual backups as the system will automate everything. In general, compared to other cloud storage services like Google Drive or OneDrive, this application has many differences worth mentioning.

Outstanding features of Terabox

Terabox is one of the reputable cloud storage services trusted by millions of users around the world. There are many reasons that you should choose it as an online personal archive. Here are the outstanding features of Terabox.

Free data storage with large capacity – 1TB (1024GB)

That’s right; you didn’t get it wrong. TeraBox gives all users who use this cloud service 1TB of free storage (1024GB) for free. The remarkable thing is that it does not limit your free usage time. Instead, you can comfortably store it in perpetuity.

With massive storage capacity, you can sync and freely upload files, pictures, or any documents. It helps you securely store files and data with two-layer security. If your work requires more space to store files, upgrade to a Premium account. With an upgraded version, you will get 2TB of storage.

Automatic data backup

TeraBox never lets you waste time manually backing up data. Instead, by setting up automatic backups, your data will automatically be uploaded to the cloud. Currently, you have two options to automatically backup photos and videos. With a free account, you can turn on automatic photo backup. However, you need to upgrade to the Premium account with automatic video backup.

This feature is handy in case your device is in trouble. At this point, you can access the archive store to download or recover lost images and videos. It is convenient and saves your time searching and retrieving deleted files.

TeraBox features

File self-categorization

A pretty cool feature of TeraBox that sets it apart from other cloud services is its ability to self-categorize files. With files you upload or backup automatically, the system will divide them into different files, including images, documents, videos, music, and others. Its ability to self-categorize files is entirely accurate. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about finding an image file in the video and vice versa. It is convenient and helps you to find relevant files easily.

Find documents quickly

With thousands of files being uploaded, finding them is a real challenge for all users. However, this is no longer a big deal because this tool provides excellent search engine optimization. You need to enter keywords or the document’s name, and a series of related results will appear. Its accuracy is relatively high to find the desired document quickly. Wherever your file is, you can find it right away. It saves time searching and doesn’t confuse you every time you find a document.

Manage folders and files easily

Similar to Google Drive, TeraBox allows you to easily create and manage folders and files. With the data uploaded, you can create folders and move files between them. You can rename and move folders for easy management. In particular, it allows you to transfer files to a new storage place quickly. Thanks to that, you can search and manage folders better. At the same time, it optimizes uploading, downloading, and previewing files rapidly. You can view photos or play online videos without downloading. Every time you want to download a folder or file, it does not require complicated operations.

TeraBox is an online cloud storage service, so you can access files or upload them no matter what device you use. You only need to remember the registered account to log in. Then, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, or computer, you can enjoy all utilities of this drive.

This tool allows you to link to Facebook, Google, or Apple Id accounts. A safe space to upload and store your files is set up in no time. In particular, every time strange links access your account, the system will warn you immediately.

Simple and intuitive interface

TeraBox is optimally designed so that users never find it difficult to use. The interface with the leading color tone is blue and features designed with eye-catching colors. These features are located right on the main interface for you to choose and use right away. In particular, you can observe the total number of files you have uploaded in each category. It also shows how much space has been consumed and how much space is left you can use. As a result, you can better control the number of files.

MOD APK of Terabox

Mod Info

Premium features are open.

What works:

  • Video speed
  • 1080p video quality unlocked
  • Video backup
  • High download speed

What does not work:

  • Login with Google
  • The safe still has a limitation of 200MB (this is a server one)
  • 2TB (this is server)


  • Banners on the main page:
  • Used phone memory
  • TeraBox Premium
  • Advertising
  • Top carousel (Spatial analyzer, What is TeraBox, etc.)
  • Banners in the left menu:
  • Advertising
  • Premium

Basic banners:

  • With TeraBox, your data is safe
  • TeraBox keeps data safe
  • Backup progress …
  • In Safe (Add P files)
  • Video banner What is TeraBox (displayed when installed cleanly)

Items / icons:

  • PC version
  • Feedback
  • Bonus center
  • Check for updates (the mod will not be updated online anyway)
  • Diamond P icon near the avatar
  • Item Cloud copied in the Album (and so it is clear that they are in the cloud)
  • Message Icon
  • Removed the inscription New on Remote Download

Premium captions in the video:

  • Near speed
  • Near 1080p quality


  • The name of the Home section has been renamed to History
  • Changed the View of the Main (History) tab
  • Changed the banner in the Main section (History) (appears if you close everything in this section)
  • Corrected translation (RUS)
  • The version is installed on top of my mods
  • Starting with version 2.6.5 the signature has been changed
  • Multi Languages
  • Minor edits


You can still get 1TB of storage on the most popular cloud service without being annoyed by ads and complicated registration. Download TeraBox now and enjoy the facilities it offers you.

Download Terabox MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 3.24.0

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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