Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 7.1.0

App NameTemple Run 2
Publisher Imangi Studios
Require4.4 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Do the monsters chasing you in Temple Run thrill you every step of the way? Don’t pass up the opportunity to equip the spirit of steel to face greater fear and treasure in Temple Run 2.

About Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 gives players a run with no end and no finish line. Your job is to run as fast as you can to overcome the pitfalls on the road. Your running journey will be recorded with scores and you need to try to get the highest score possible. Compared to Temple Run, the treasure and graphics in this game become more attractive and attractive. Besides, with the exciting gameplay, players will reduce a lot of stress after tiring working hours.

Temple Run 2-mod-apk


A wild landscape of mountains and forests will appear when you enter the world of Temple Run 2. The chase begins when you touch the screen. A giant monster with a terrifying roar will chase after you. Obstacles also appear behind them to make your escape more challenging. The game provides players with 4 free character options to join the escape.

A special thing in this version is that the player will play several characters in a treasure hunt. Your main task is to collect cursed statues. Therefore, you must run away quickly to escape the pursuit of the monsters in the Game. Besides, you have to be sharp to avoid obstacles and abysses. During the run, do not forget to collect gold to upgrade your character. Try to run as far as possible to improve your performance. Sharing with friends is also a good way to compete for more excitement in the game.

Characters in the game

There is an upgrade in the character system in the game. Temple Run 2 adds some new characters alongside old characters. These characters have different skills and appearances. All of them are not free, you need to spend money to buy them. Some characters that might interest you:

  • Guy Dangerous is the default first character of the game. He can use the shield to escape a collision with obstacles on the road.
  • Scarlett Fox is a crafty artist with a red-haired image. Her outfit is pretty with leather around her neck, wearing a cream top, dark brown pants, and a moss green backpack on her back. You must accumulate 5000 Coins to unlock this character and use her Power Up feature.
  • Karma Lee comes with a noble and luxurious appearance. She wears a red shirt, white pants, and a belt around her waist.  With the feature of increasing bonus points when reaching “Power up”, this character helps you to increase your ranking points quickly.
  • Bruce Lee also appears to make the player play hard to own him.

Remember that as long as you earn a lot of coins, owning these characters is not difficult.

Temple Run 2-features

Control character easily

Similar to the previous version, the game’s core control operations have not changed.

  • Swipe the screen left/right: turn in the respective directions to avoid the monster’s pursuit
  • Swipe up: jump over the obstacles
  • Swipe down: slide over trees or ditches
  • Tilt the device left/right: adjust the running direction and earn coins

Speed is the main factor that determines whether you have a good track record in Temple Run 2 or not. Therefore, use your agility in character control to avoid dangers on the run and earn as many coins as possible.

Use Gems to revive

One factor that helps you out of danger is Gem. It has the effect of helping players respawn when unfortunately being caught by monsters or hitting obstacles. There are two ways for you to get Gems. One is to try to collect Gems during the run. The second is to use the money to buy it in the Game Shop. You should use the respawn Gem when your score is high and can break the record. Since Gems are difficult to obtain or require a large amount of money to get, use it when necessary.

Attractive sound and graphics

The graphics in Temple Run 2 will surprise you with their grandeur. You will experience the mountain space with all the most majestic scenery. Plus, all actions such as sliding, jumping, and collision are realistically brought into the game to help players immerse themselves in the best role. Players will be brought into the world of majestic mountains and forests, with thrilling chases of monsters.

Besides, the sound of the game in the new version is also more refined and lively. You will blend in with nature with the sounds of the mountains. Also, the character’s sound when running or hitting the cliff will be more realistic. In addition, the roar of the monster chasing behind makes the player have to concentrate more. Every time it roars, you will have the feeling that it is chasing you behind and seems to want to eat you.

MOD APK of Temple Run 2

MOD info

Unlimited Tokens & Diamonds: You get a large amount of Tokens and Diamonds right at the start of the game. Use them to upgrade your character or buy power-ups in the store.


Temple Run 2 is a never-ending escape game that helps players increase their sensitivity and have high entertainment. Download this game now and join the adventurers to escape the beasts and overcome the jungle deep.

Download Temple Run 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 7.1.0

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