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TEGRA MOD APK (Free Purchase, Rewards) 1.6.20

TEGRA MOD APK – Amazing! Are you up for the challenge in a world overrun by zombies?

Publisher Avega Games
Size1.04 GB
MOD InfoFree Purchase, Rewards
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The addicting game TEGRA places players in a world overrun by zombie hordes and provides a unique gaming experience. The gameplay focuses on various activities: resource gathering, item creation, fighting, survival, questing, constructing, leveling up, and exploring a vast woodland kingdom.

Release Your Inner Primitive and Fight, Eat, and Dominate to Survive

The game’s fighting and survival mechanisms provide players with exciting tests of mettle. The game’s numerous nail-biting moments, including tight boss fights, perilous treasure searches, and fierce monster encounters, will keep players on their seats. However, in this harsh environment, the ability to fight is only one aspect of survival. Foraging and starvation are additional challenges that players must overcome. Exploring new areas in search of food becomes an ongoing adventure. With the addition of daily objectives and magical storms, TEGRA becomes even more unpredictable and exciting.

Use Your Imagination to Create a Safe Space Where You Can Thrive

Amidst all the mayhem, the game’s house-building segment is a fascinating highlight. Players may build their bases from the ground up, complete with the rooms, furnishings, and other necessities necessary for survival. To endure the unrelenting assault of the dead, these parts must be crafted and placed with the utmost precision.

Create Your Way: Mining, Woodcutting, and Blacksmithing

In TEGRA, players’ primary objective is to amass resources. Therefore the game’s expansive area is filled with treasure, crates, trees to cut, and priceless crystals. Stone, coal, and iron are all needed in crafting, making mining a crucial activity. Crafting is a fascinating gameplay concept that allows players to make their tools, weapons, and food to survive in the game’s harsh environment.

Get Started on Your Path to Improvement and Enlightenment

In this game, you may advance your character’s level, find rare artifacts, gather supplies, arm yourself, and earn rewards. This gives players a satisfying sensation of accomplishment while they play. The game’s exploration mode is extensive, with numerous NPCs, places, mysteries, treasures, collections, trophies, and even fishing to uncover and master.

For the Thrill Seeker: Complete Immersion in Gameplay and a Fascinating Story

Fans of fast-paced video games have no better option than TEGRA. This game is the best because of its engaging gameplay, huge open environment, and fascinating plot. The game immerses the player in a dangerous realm where the only way to stay alive is to use all of your cunning and fortitude.

Feel the Tension of a True End-of-the-World Situation

Millions of people tried out the beta version of the game, a testament to the publisher’s excellent service. The game puts players in a world where survival is a top priority, even if some features are unavailable. The unexpected arrival of zombies calls for forethought and planning. Fighting should be avoided because of the need to store supplies for the following hardships.

Fight for Your Life in a Zombie-Infested Woods

The undead isn’t the only danger in TEGRA. The players also have to deal with the pressure to eat. When navigating a recent calamity’s aftermath, gathering the necessary resources to make tools is essential. The game’s zombie-infested and magic-plagued woodland presents difficult circumstances. The situation is still being determined in the thick jungle, which might provide players a tactical edge over their attackers. The game’s open world has many thrilling levels for players to explore and dominate.

Manufacturing and Building: The Art of Doing Things Yourself

Unlike other games, the game does not allow players to purchase everything they need. Manual work is required to gather resources, which must be created according to the guidelines. Players can access over 150 recipes, allowing them to craft various valuable equipment, from guns and armor to necessities like seats. To survive in these dangerous times, players will need to use a wide variety of tactics to get the greatest gear.

Take Part in the Fight Against Horrid Enemies

Players in TEGRA must make their way across a lonely planet as the zombie hordes expand in size and power, threatening the very survival of civilization. Survival mode’s early goings might be lonely, what with all the player has to do on their own to survive: search for food and gather supplies. It’s not easy to imagine yourself going up against the nameless, faceless beasts who hunt and eat the living day in and day out. However, there are more viable strategies for survival than giving in to terror.

It’s Time to Go Out There and See the Changing World

Promotion in this game is directly proportional to the player’s success. The makers have braided various tales into the game, giving players multiple experiences to increase player agency. The player’s ability to persevere and develop depends on their success in gathering food, fending off opponents, and forging weapons and armor. This challenging yet rewarding survival game will put your abilities to the test as you go from the open world to the thick jungle. The only way to succeed in TEGRA is for players to do the grunt work we associate with our distant past. The game becomes increasingly challenging as time goes on, necessitating continual strategy changes and tenacity.

Highlights of the App’s Exciting Gameplay

  1. The gameplay of TEGRA is centered on the element of survival. To survive in a world overrun by zombies, players must scavenge for materials, make weapons and armor, and build shelters.
  2. Exploration of an Open World: Face off against hordes of zombies as you search for loot in derelict buildings. The investigation is essential to find valuable resources and learn the mysteries beneath.
  3. Arm yourself with various weapons, both melee and ranged, to fend off the hordes of zombies that will inevitably come your way.
  4. Building a Base: Establish and improve your secure bases to provide refuge from the hordes of the walking dead.
  5. In the multiplayer mode, you may band up with other players to take on the game’s increasingly tricky difficulty and the swarms of zombies.
  6. The game’s stunning visuals and well-designed sound effects add to the game’s overall atmosphere and help immerse players in the game’s post-apocalyptic setting.

MOD APK version of TEGRA

MOD feature

  • Free purchases of gold and tokens for real money;
  • Disabled showing ads;
  • You can get free stuff without seeing ads.


A zombie apocalypse is a backdrop for TEGRA, an immersive and compelling game experience. The game stands out in its genre thanks to its sophisticated gameplay mechanics, exciting combat and survival difficulties, fascinating missions, vast exploring possibilities, and the excitement of collecting and creating. This game provides a sizeable open universe filled with danger and opportunity, perfect for those looking for an adrenaline-fueled adventure or the thrill of overcoming challenging hurdles. Get ready to fight off the walking dead, carve out a life for yourself, and dive headfirst into TEGRA’s anarchy.

Download TEGRA MOD APK (Free Purchase, Rewards) 1.6.20

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