Taxi City 1988 V1 MOD APK (MOD Money) V1.0.3 Free for Android

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Taxi City 1988 V1 1


  • Publisher: StrongUnion Games
  • Platforms: Android+ iOS+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 82MB
  • Latest Version: 1.0.3
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: December 13, 2018

Introduction to Taxi City 1988 V1 – Exciting Taxi Driving Game

Taxi City 1988 V1 is a highly entertaining simulation game released by the publisher of StrongUnion Games. This is a taxi driving simulation game which allows you to drive a taxi and complete the shuttle mission in the city. The game was released in early December, but it will cost a bit of less than $ 1, but that does not matter as the gameplay of Taxi City 1988 V1 is extremely exciting. We will also bring you the 1988 Taxi City V1 MOD APK Free version at the end of this article, which costs nothing. But first, you need to find out more about the gameplay as well as unique points of this game.

Taxi City 1988 V1 1

Become a taxi driver on your phone

Joining the Taxi City 1988 V1 game you will choose a small car to start your journey to become a professional driver. You are taken to a large, bustling city to perform missions or create your own adventures in that city. The game will constantly give you different tasks to perform. It’s not just the completion of your city trip, you also have to take the test of driving skills and speed as well as many other things. Moreover, you can freely travel in the city to welcome guests for yourself.

Taxi City 1988 V1 2

Control mode in the game Taxi City 1988 V1 is not simple for those who have never driven a car ever. The in-game control system is designed to be quite similar to a real-life car control, but simpler because it is optimized for the mobile platform. In the bottom left corner of the screen will be the directional button to move to either side or the steering wheel, the right angle will be options such as increase, decrease gas, brake, … So you can step on the job of taxi driving right on your phone.

Taxi City 1988 V1 3

Realistic graphics

The game Taxi City 1988 V1 is developed with realistic elements on the top priority. With detailed and meticulous 3D images, a large city is emerging with high vibrancy. From the roads, the houses, the trees to small details such as the traffic signs are made in greatly detailed. And most importantly, the car system is made up to the maximum level, giving you the feeling of watching a movie rather than simply playing the game. 3D graphics really is a strong point of this Taxi City 1988 V1 APK game.

Key Features of Taxi City 1988 V1

  • Play in real time with players around the world
  • Receive and complete special missions from the system, thereby improving your driving skills
  • Practical physics driving system
  • Freely picking up the customer without the limited number of guests
  • Surrealism brings the best experience
  • Detailed map for you to observe the whole city
  • Adventure everywhere to enjoy the beautiful scenery and train your driving skills
  • Customize your car with various interior and accessories
  • Real car & traffic of people
  • A variety of vehicles for you to choose and upgrade
  • The engine sounds are lively in every situation
  • Online rankings and achievements
Taxi City 1988 V1 4

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Download Taxi City 1988 V1 MOD APK Free

If you want to know how to drive a car without driving conditions, then you can come to Taxi City 1988 V1 to get familiar with driving. The game will give you detailed driving instructions and help you better understand the parts of the car. Taxi City 1988 V1 is a way for you to learn to drive right on your mobile device without spending too much time. Finally, you can download Taxi City 1988 V1 MOD APK from the link below to experience this great game.

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