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Tastyland MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2.21.0

Tastyland MOD APK – Merge & cooking in tasty games.Design home in the city to discover a calm life.

App NameTastyland
Publisher Cross X Games
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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About Tastyland

A peaceful and unruffled existence may be found in Tastyland, home to the fairies. Nevertheless, in 2048, an ice shell surrounded the metropolis, draining it of its energy in the process. With the help of merging magic, the fairies are working hard to reconstruct their beloved city and build the mansions of their dreams.

The Magic of the Fairies: Reconstructing a Peaceful and Undisturbed City

You must first combine your magic buddies to have them assist you in your quest. It is possible to hatch baby fairies by combining the eggs of three different magical creatures. Even though they are fragile and unable to complete much work, these nascent fairies may be continually fused to get stronger and take on additional responsibilities, ultimately resulting in the city’s rebirth in 2048.

The Effectiveness of Merge Magic in Establishing a Fresh Start

It is now time to begin working toward constructing your house and nurturing a life of tranquility. You will need many attractive friends by your side for this endeavor. The Merge magic not only affects the fairies in the game, but it also affects everything else in the world. When combined and cared for properly, plants may form sun orbs that have healing properties. Combine mining operations to get building materials. Combine existing homes to create the home of your fairytale. Treasures may be merged to develop immense riches, which can be exchanged for extra fairies.

The Pursuit of Peace via the Art of Home Design

You are given complete creative control over the appearance of your house on Tastyland. Create a wondrous and one-of-a-kind haven by fusing different residences, artifacts, and treasures. As you combine various components, those components will undergo an upgrade, making them more stunning and alluring. When you gather over 400 distinct sorts of parts, each of which contributes in some way to the design of your ideal house, the options are virtually limitless.

Magic of Merging, or the Combining and Transforming of Objects

The realm of merge magic spans far beyond houses and fairies. Discover the various items that may be combined using the game. Crafting more potent and beautiful goods by combining multiple components, including coins, trees, grass, pebbles, food, chests, and even diamonds, is possible. Every merger results in an improvement, elevating formerly mundane things to the status of spectacular items. Allow the power of your merging magic to bring forth the splendor and beauty of the city.

A Puzzle Quest With Levels That Are Both Challenging and Engaging

In addition to building, you will face challenging puzzles at various points along your trip through the merging. Engage in exploratory endeavors, match and combine different fairies and items, and use your cognitive abilities. These puzzle levels are challenging and entertaining, guaranteeing a positive outcome for everyone who is game enough to overcome the obstacle. Your intelligence and patience will be tested as you try to figure out what’s happening with Tastyland.

A Community of Healing, Featuring Fun Activities and Meaningful Social Interactions

Players may expect a lighthearted and engaging encounter when they play the game. You can participate even if you do not log in. Still, if you connect your Facebook account, you can invite your friends to participate in tree-planting activities and get energy incentives. Participate actively in the community and discuss unresolved problems so everyone can collaborate to discover answers. Relax and find consolation in the engrossing planting missions, where your every move adds to developing a flourishing garden.

MOD APK version of Tastyland

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


The interesting merging game known as Tastyland provides players with an experience that is both engaging and calming. The game gives players a sense of joy and success by focusing on combining magic, letting them create their own homes, and requiring them to solve challenging riddles. Enter the enchanted city of Tastyland, where the fairies await your input to complete their miracle. You may watch the metamorphosis of a metropolis frozen into a lively and peaceful garden if you download the game, then unleash your merging magic on it. The adventure is about to start!

Download Tastyland MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2.21.0

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