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  • Publisher: Outfit7 Limited
  • Platforms: Android 4.1+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 74M
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  • Date Updated: January 26, 2019

As you may know, My Talking Tom, one of the first mobile games that can get the popularity all around the world. This is a game from the publisher Outfit7 which is about a very interesting cat that can talk to players. It has received a tremendous amount of success. This My Talking Tom has been on the top of the download charts of every application store for many years. Since then, there have been a number of releases of Outfit7, including My Talking Angela, Talking Tom Gold Run, Talking Tom Jetski and Talking Tom Pool. And most recently, Outfit7 continues to release a new game about the familiar cat called Talking Tom Camp.

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The new Talk Pool Tom Camp was released on March 7. As usual, games are available on the Google Play app store for Android devices and AppStore for iOS devices. The good news is that the game is totally free. A few months ago, Outfit7 also released the Talking Tom Camp’s news so that players can pre-register. In just a short time, the game has received nearly 1 million subscribers. This is enough to see how attractive this game is. And right after the official launch, Talking Tom Camp quickly gained the attention of players around the world and the number of downloads increased rapidly only in a few days. In this article, ApkMod will introduce you to the most attractive features of this game along with how to download the game on your device!

Review Talking Tom Camp – Outfit7’s new tactical game

Brand new gameplay

This Talking Tom Camp game was developed in a completely new style compared to the previous versions of Outfit7. The game Talking Tom Camp was developed in the tactical gameplay where players can build camps and buildings and even join in the fighting battles with other armies. In this game, you will not only interact and talk with the cat of Tom as usual but you will need to focus on building up the force under the command of Tom. And you will control it. Your task is simply to collect coins, build camps with mighty armies, fight off all your opponents.

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Build your camp

At the beginning of the game, you will need to let your cats go around to explore the wilderness, harvest food to lay the groundwork for the development of the force. Then you will need to choose different works to build up the largest camp. Set up your Troop Shop, Hero Hall, Tower, Coin Factory, Power Generator and even more. In addition, you have to strengthen the army to fight with the most advanced weapons and to be ready for every battle.

Build up a defensive system

Your camp may face up to the enemy’s unforeseen attacks. So you need to build a strong defense system. You can choose the type of defense equipment like Sprinklers, Towers, Puddle, Catapult, Cannon, and more. Moreover, you can build your own military tactics to make a difference in the fierce battles.

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Attack to win

You can enter the training course to complete your skills in the SINGLE PLAYER Campaign stages. Attack your enemies and fight in online battle in MULTIPLAYER mega. You can upgrade your army through each level, stage to start the competition in the world. To win, your army needs to be as strong as possible. And the most important thing is the tactical element.

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Collect Gold and Energy

In order to upgrade a barracks or buy a building, you need some coins or gold. At each level you need to spend a certain amount of gold or coins. So collecting gold and other types of energy are very important. Money is never enough.

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Graphics and sound

About the graphics, the Talking Tom Camp game is based on the same 3D graphics as previous versions of Outfit7. However, Talking Tom Camp is more prominent because it was developed recently, the era of modern technology is getting more and more insane. The image in the game is extremely sharp with bright colors that certainly will not let you down. The cats will be the main army in the game, they are pretty simple and cute. In addition, the audio system is integrated into the game to create a live game.

Download Talking Tom Camp MOD APK for Android, iOS

Overall, the game Talking Tom Camp is built entirely on a new gameplay in comparison with the previous version from Outfit7. It’s no longer a simple entertainment game. It’s now a whole new tactical game, a breakthrough of Outfit7. Th games are now getting popularity in the worldwide and remain on the top of the app stores rankings. Up until now, the game has reached nearly 5 million downloads, an impressive number. You can download the original game or Talking Tom Camp Apk MOD on your device via the link below to experience it!

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